Saturday, 26 January 2013

Back home

Today we went to Ramsbottom, near where I used to live (and where I grew up) to do some food shopping.  They have a little market on a Saturday and we go to the butcher there too. It was so snowy I had to go in search of someone with a shovel as the car got stuck. Oh, and the market wasn't there due to the inclement weather.

But we still got to the butcher and stopped off at the bakery for bacon sandwiches (to keep the cold out). Then we went for a walk around the nearby villages of Chatterton and Strongstry.

I get homesick quite a lot - fortunately, it only takes around 20 minutes to get back to 'Rammy'. So I never feel too despondent about the lack of hills here in our part of Cheshire (or the absence of stone terraced houses, moors, allotments...) I even miss the deep snow with all the inconvenience it brings.

Joe got plenty of fresh air. He's full of a cold at the moment. I think he enjoyed our walk (despite his less-than-impressed expression).

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