Sunday, 27 January 2013


I've never been one of those girls who go mad for shoes. Carrie Bradshaw I ain't. Not because I think coveting nice shoes is silly or anything. 

The reason is that I have feet which refuse to have anything to do with nice shoes. They're wide and square. Nice shoes are for people with narrow, shapely feet. So even though I'm only a size five-and-a-half, I associate shoe shopping with disappointment and resignation. After many years of buying shoes which I convinced myself I'd 'break in' (and various stretching sprays and contraptions), and hobbling about in agony as a result, I've come to accept reality: a good shoe is hard to find. And a 'sensible' shoe is out of the question.

I'm not too sure when Clarks started getting it right. But I'm so glad they did. Because I like heels. In fact, when I worked in a museum for many years, people would know I was coming down the corridor - the click click click gave me away. 
(Please note: the heels were worn with jeans. I don't do power dressing. I suspect I'd be pretty bad at it).

The shoes - or more accurately, footwear - I live in most of the time consist of:

Grey Converse trainers (probably need replacing soon - they've taken a hammering - see above)
Short Hunter wellies
Stubby suede boots with sheepskin lining (thank you Clarks)
Towering tan leather wedge sandals (Clarks again)
Black patent ballet pumps (you've guessed it)
Black patent (very) high heeled courts - M&S I think
Havaiana flipflops.

I'm not a slipper person really. My mum despairs.

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