Monday, 28 January 2013

Grey days

I recently had a conversation with my mum about favourite colours. Her least favourite is grey - she finds it depressing (concrete, leaden skies etc). Grey is actually my favourite colour - there are so many natural materials in so many shades: wool, stone, wood. It's the colour I always end up going for in clothes shops before reminding myself there's already plenty of it hanging in my wardrobe.

Anyway... the snow's gone and we're left with drizzle and cold winds and general January gloom. Here are a few things which cheered me up today.

This geranium which flowers most of the year and came from a cutting.

These daffodils - they smell lovely.

And these - I actually prefer them in bud, yellowy-green.

These blood oranges (and their packaging).

This egg cup, because it reminds me that spring is around the corner. Hooray!

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