Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Fact: being a mum wrecks your hands. I used to have perfectly manicured nails each day - painted immaculately (usually in bright red, deep plum or gunmetal grey) and filed short. Dark, short nails were one of my Things.

Photo from A Cup Of Jo

These days, what with the endless routine of handwashing and nappy changing, my hands are a sorry sight. My nails don't often see polish (other than the Pledge kind). Trying to squeeze in a quick painting session would be disastrous as it wouldn't get the chance to dry before I had to pick up the baby again. My skin feels like sandpaper despite trying to apply hand cream regularly. Or at least, trying to remember to apply it.

My mum bought me a tube of Clarins Creme Jeunesse des Mains when I had Joe. It smells so nice, and is a rare treat these days (it's a luxury item). I'd also rate Cowshed's Cow Slip hand cream - again, it smells nice - and I keep mine next to the kitchen sink.

I carry antibacterial hand rub in Joe's changing bag and it really dries your skin out. Maybe it's time to get some of that Norwegian Formula stuff (as endorsed by rugged, weather-ravaged fishermen). Glamorous? No. Effective? Hopefully.

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