Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Our house is pretty small - one of those late 1970s-built properties where they didn't allow for the necessities of modern life (dryer, dishwasher - we don't own one, pram etc). Sadly, this is still the case in many new-build homes. Where to store the hoover and ironing board? Still, a small house means fewer rooms to heat, smaller mortgage payments (unless you live somewhere 'desirable') and less impulse buying. You always ask yourself, 'Where will it go?'.

More often than not I'll blog close-ups when using pictures from indoors. So here are photos we took just before Christmas.

The living room is a bit of a mishmash of furniture. Eventually I'd like to exchange the leather Chesterfield for a sectional, L-shaped sofa. No room for that yet though.

Mostly, our stuff is a mix of Ikea and vintage/secondhand (like the old sideboard and G Plan corner unit). There have been a few changes since we took the pictures - we've swapped the living room curtains with the ones from our bedroom. And there's a sheepskin rug in front of the fireplace. Joe's bouncer lives in here, as does a big log basket to house his baby things - toys, storybooks etc.

The kitchen isn't huge but we managed to fit a small table in there. Now we've added a high chair. Oh, and the plant died...

Our bedroom has a few built-in cupboards, so no wardrobes. I'm going to try and squeeze a little dressing table in there eventually. The red lamps are temporary - they give a dim light while Joe still sleeps with us. He'll be in his own room in another month or so.

This has changed quite a lot too. We're getting a cot soon (another gift, gratefully received). I told you about the tree here. And I made the owl hand puppets from a kit I bought at the Tate Gallery shop.

And finally, the smallest room in a small house. Not much more to say really.


  1. Your home is lovely. I particluarly like what you've done with the kitchen, though you say it's small it looks light and spacious.

    Just discovered your blog today, so thought i'd say 'hi'. I really like your style of photography too.

    Carolyn :)

  2. Thanks - my first ever comment! The house had to be decorated in a 'neutral' way as we did it with a mind to sell. But we're not in any hurry as we like living in it!
    I have a diploma in interior design but have decided to give up on the photography course I'm doing as it's very technical and I'm not that way inclined!
    Thanks again for visiting. If you have any questions, I'm more than happy to answer them.
    Sarah :)


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