Friday, 18 January 2013


It's been snowing. In the forecasts, they keep referring to how temperatures are low but may be even lower 'locally'. What does this mean? Surely 'local' applies to every one of us, everywhere.

It's currently looking more festive than it did at Christmas. And I'm sure our tree must be happier outside than it was in the house.

Going back to 'local'. Since reading this book a few years ago (and becoming quite militant as a result), I became aware of how important it is to buy from small suppliers where possible. And although I no longer boycott supermarkets, I do have a deep mistrust of them. We buy our fruit and veg from 'local' shops where possible and get our meat from the butcher.

Today we went to our local independent grocer for some provisions. I went there last week and was educated on the merits of Seville oranges (good for marmalade but not eating, apparently). I was seduced this afternoon by a huge bulb of garlic, among other things.

They didn't have any Bramley apples. They did in the (small) supermarket round the corner. But they were pre-packed and I object to being told how many of something I have to buy. I also have an issue with excessive packaging. So I didn't buy any. Sometimes it's just a principle thing.

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