Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Bags of bags

I know that I recently added to my collection of bags. I also know I need to lose some of them. One or two get a lot of use. Others are work bags - and I'm not currently working. Not in an official sense anyway. This weekend I intend to do a bit of a wardrobe cull but it will be in stages, as 'wardrobe' doesn't just mean clothes. It means bags, scarves, shoes, jewellery, gloves and a lot more besides.

Bags are an easy place to start. I currently have:

Blue and white Orla Kiely (see above) - a bit scuffed but much loved as it was bought when I went to Boston for my 30th birthday
Brown Orla Kiely (small handbag, canvas with leather strap and another birthday present)
Red Orla Kiely (messenger-type bag, birthday present)
Purple patent work bag (mulberry coloured but not actual Mulberry - I'm not a celebrity)
Green and white Gsus Industries canvas tote
New tan leather small bag (see here)
Charcoal grey canvas messenger bag
Black patent clutch
Tan leather large tote (another birthday money treat, this time from Paris)
Red leather weekend bag

I think (hope) that may be it.

The list doesn't include the baby's changing bag, the straw basket hanging in the porch or my collection of jute shopping bags*.

I'll let you know what stays and what goes - it's going to be difficult.

*That's a whole other story...


  1. Good idea to have a clear out... on the other hand, I clear out stuff too often and then end up regretting it a while later. Especially, if you don't want to buy new things it's very useful to have lots of stuff to play with. Perhaps box it away for a year and then see if you could re-use it in some way? Am enjoying your blog - a great way to stay in touch with what you are up to as we are now living such a distance from each other:-)E.

  2. Hi! Great to hear from you. Yes, I've thrown things out and regretted it too. It's always a good sign when you get rid of stuff then later can't remember what it was you binned/donated in the first place.
    I read a few blogs (The Minimalists and Zen Habits)a while ago but they're a bit too minimalist for me.
    I'm still a sucker for buying certain things I don't need too. I'll write a post on it at some point!


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