Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Stops and starts

We had a great weekend, heading out to see the Flying Scotsman and taking plenty of walks. Better still, coming home to cheese and onion pie and other warming comfort eats.

A visit to the local animal sanctuary to see Wallace the goat and buy snacks in the cafe, too - followed by a bit of trampolining in the little park nearby.

I have to say: I was pleasantly surprised by the cafe. It's very basic and utilitarian but the cakes (obviously baked by kindly volunteers) looked fantastic. Home-made Bakewell tart, lemon and lime drizzle, coffee and walnut. A return visit is most definitely on the cards.

Joe started with a cough too, and it's not improving. On Monday he woke up early and was very upset because of a painful ear. Some ibuprofen seemed to mend things but I was called into school at lunchtime to collect him. He has an ear infection, 'probably viral', so it's all about ice lollies at the moment.

He's even been snoozing on the couch in the afternoons. That tells me he is indeed poorly. That and him being off his food. Everyone who knows him will be aware of that legendary appetite. I still made chicken noodle soup for him though, hoping that its restorative and healing properties will help a bit. 

He's back in school today. The reception class are taking an 'I spy' walk around the village and posting letters to themselves. They just walked past the house in their little high-visibility vests and puddle suits, with Joe leading the way and pointing at our house.

We're back at the surgery later to check out his cough. But we're taking the bus as a special treat.

Any work plans I had for Monday and Tuesday went out of the window... And school have just called again. He needs collecting.

Got to go!

I'll be back - sometime.


  1. Poor wee lamb, I hope Joe feels better soon. Chicken noodle soup sounds like the perfect renedy xx

  2. A hope Joe feels better soon, poor little lad!


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