Tuesday, 11 October 2016


I don't just mean the creeping progression of autumn. 

On the work front, I finally faced two of my least favourite things: product photography and wrangling with setting up an online shop. The latter was actually quite simple; it was the PayPal bit that had me flummoxed.

Luckily, the ever-patient and rational Jay came to the rescue.

So now I'm open for business, with a grand total of five products as yet in stock. There will be more.

I've put a link to my Frond & Feather site and shop at the top of this blog. Please feel free to visit and browse. It won't take long ;)

Of course, all this stuff requires a lot of input on the social media front. I'm not too skilled at that kind of thing but need to be. It would be nice to do a giveaway or two.

Other changes: Joe's being at school has brought a whole new slew of diary dates. Parties, assemblies, church services, plays, events, pantomimes, homework and reading diaries, school photographer, things to bring in. I'm suddenly P.A. to a four-year-old. Good job he's worth it.

The growing-out of my dyed hair continues. I won't pretend I haven't wavered a few times but I'm managing to keep my resolve. The palest silver bits are my favourites: nature's highlights. There will be photos soon.

The get-togethers with my fellow creatives are proving to be really valuable. We're coming up with all kind of ideas, and it's also nice to pass on my (limited) blogging knowledge to others. The blogging community really is a great one. Competitiveness isn't much of a Thing. In my experience, people are always happy to help and are very friendly and inclusive. 

Which means paying it forward is always a pleasure.

Bloggers are a great example of kindness making the world a better place. Sounds silly maybe, but little things make a difference - the value of being part of a network is a great thing.

More changes: Jay's old workhorse of a car is going to the scrapyard next week. It's going to be sad to say goodbye to it. We've travelled many miles (and eaten many picnics) in that now juddery, tired Santa Fe. But the noises it emits are starting to be quite alarming. Each week there seems to be another. I call it The Orchestra of Potential Expense.

In totally unrelated news: I've been alerted to a printmaking course which begins in January. I'm sorely tempted. It's one morning a week, with extra access to the studio and equipment. It also costs £1200. If it wasn't for the big fee I'd probably sign up.

It's also in Salford, which would probably take around 45 minutes to get to. So another potential negative.

But it's the equivalent to the first year of a Fine Art degree in print. And the hours would fit in with Joe's being at school. Hmm. Perhaps I should just stay home and try different techniques using YouTube and the like. But... I'd REALLY love to do that course!

As it is, I'm trying a few different approaches to my artwork. The printmaking has been put to one side for a while as I make simple sketches - line drawings in ink - of the bits and pieces I bring home from our walks.

I've signed up to do the Christmas fair at Joe's school. Which means putting some things together which I think will sell. Usually that means smaller items - cards and little prints - as people want to buy something for a few pounds. 

So no lugging heavy boxes into the school hall and back home again. 

Work aside, I've been doing a lot of reading lately. A quick visit to the library last week (I'm always at the mercy of that imaginary tick, tick, tick in my head) resulted in my picking up two novels by Margaret Forster. I'm almost at the end of The Forgotten Bridesmaid and I've really enjoyed it. 

Even better: there was a good selection of her other books on the shelf too. This is the kind of thing I find comforting.

Today is Jay's birthday. He's insisted he doesn't really care, that he only enjoys other people's (i.e. Joe's and my) birthdays. But there will still be cards and presents and a few surprises waiting for him when he gets home from work. I won't divulge any more as he's usually one of the first to read the blog as soon as I post...

Have a great week. 


  1. PA to your four year old - I like this phrase. I never thought of motherhood like that but you are so right. I had a peak at your art, it is lovely. We are in the middle of destroying and rebuilding our house just now but I'll be back once this is out of the way and the time comes to prettify the house once more.

  2. I, too, love the idea of being PA to the 4 year old. Wait until/if you ever have two. It's more than twice the effort. But the printing course sounds fab. If you can afford it... and could justify it... it would be lovely. But perhaps the time isn't right now....
    The art looks beautiful! I hope it does well and sells easily. And good luck with the school fair!

  3. What a lovely round up of things from you. Well done on getting your shop up and running which is no mean feat. I love the idea of you being a PA to a four year old... But so true!

  4. Keep up the good work, it's lovely to read about your business and art progress and see your seasonal photos, it's been a lovely autumn so far, long may it continue, have a lovely weekend x

  5. yes to paying it forward and kind bloggers.
    It meant SO much to me when I was first floundering around.
    And still does, when I'm floundering thru the next thing.


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