Sunday, 5 January 2014

Slowly but surely...

... things are taking shape for 2014.

Last week, I was actually letting myself get anxious about not having decluttered every aspect of my life by the first of January. Ridiculous.

Because (in my book, anyway) both January and February are the months for hibernating, planning, getting priorities straight, dreaming. Short, dark days and wintry weather mean that's what we're supposed to do: keep warm and think ahead.

We all have busy lives and I have a long list of things I'd like to prune back and simplify. And I've actually made quite a bit of headway (I'll be blogging about this through the next few weeks and months). I'm one of life's arrangers, sorters-out. So decluttering - both physically and mentally - is an ongoing process and one I really enjoy.

On Friday Joe was with his grandparents so I seized the opportunity to attack a rather large pile of ironing - interestingly, there was a discussion on Woman's Hour about loving or hating January - and once that was done I had a wardrobe clear-out. Some things for charity, some for dusters, a few 'undecideds' which were put in a moth-proof bag and stashed on a high shelf.

I also binned two pairs of shabby boots, and a pair of rather lovely shoes - which I foolishly bought knowing full well they'd cripple my feet - made their way into the charity bag. And after that I tidied my top drawer.

Can't see it staying this neat, but for now I have a real sense of accomplishment.

I try to employ the 'one thing in, one thing out' approach but this was actually more like two things in, many things out. Because we visited my parents on New Year's Day and my mum took me off upstairs to the spare room where she keeps all her clothes. She gave me her Barbour jacket - bought in 1993, worn twice at the most, and in beautiful condition - and a pair of lovely Doc Marten leather zip-up boots (again, hardly worn). Lucky me! And thanks, Mother x

As it turns out, contrary to what Victoria Hislop was saying on the radio, I do like January. The whole fresh start thing appeals to me on so many levels.

I hope you're enjoying this New Year, in whichever way you choose to celebrate it.


  1. Well done, you! my decluttering is more intention than action, but just taking down the decorations and cleaning the unbelievable mess left behind (so much dust!! All those wood fires over Christmas!) seems like a good start. Happy New Year; I'm happy to have found your blog.

    1. I'm happy to meet you! I have to admit, I was tired of trying to dust around Christmas cards and was too lazy to move them out of the way...
      As for wood fires - the dust must be a small price to pay for all that cosiness. I'm envious! We have a rather unconvincing electric fire masquerading as a log burner. One day (sigh)...

  2. You have been busy....I've been trying to go through my clothes and drawers. We're decorating and it seems a good time to pare things down especially if I can make room for some new things later in the month and into February. I'm trying to work out what I'll need for 'work' clothes and what can be 'home' clothes. Next up is the kitchen declutter. We're having anew one put in later this month and all the 'stuff' has to go somewhere....eeek!

    1. I hope you have more storage space than we do - this house is ridiculously small and illustrates perfectly the problem with modern housebuilding in Britain: lots of 'units' with little regard to the way they'll be lived in.
      We don't have loads of 'stuff' but still the hoover has to live in the (fortunately waterproof) garden shed - along with Joe's pram and goodness knows what else...
      Rant over. Sorry! I hope your kitchen refit goes smoothly. We did ours when I was pregnant and I know how disruptive it can be. I also hope it looks lovely when it's done - cue lots of baking and cooking and cosy domesticity x


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