Thursday, 14 November 2013

Bad things, good things

Yesterday, Joe and I went out to Dunham Massey. It was a nice day and I needed to escape for a while.

We've been pretty unlucky this year where neighbours are concerned. Noisy Dog (you'll know what I'm talking about if you've been a regular visitor) ended up being taken away as he was also Banned Breed Dog. Problem solved. Eventually.

Unfortunately this week some other neighbours decided they'd like a bigger garden. So they annexed part of ours (and the end of our drive) by putting up a fence. A very substantial fence. We approached them and pointed this out politely. The response was anything but polite. In fact they suggested we pay for said fence (!!!!). So we've had to ask a solicitor to deal with it. It's always good to have friends of friends... although it would be better if the whole mess hadn't happened in the first place.

Anyway, as I said... we went out yesterday. Joe had a little walk but to be honest was more interested in inspecting the wheels on his pram. As I was taking photos, a lovely elderly couple asked if I'd like a picture of the two of us together. I explained how to use the camera. The above photo was the result. It made me laugh. And by the time they'd pressed the shutter Joe had wandered off so I'm crouching down holding on to an empty hat.

Tonight I'm at my art class. If I remember correctly we'll be doing monoprinting, linocuts, paper making and drawing. Monoprints are a bit out of my comfort zone as they're often quite abstract (and my art teacher at school used to continually suggest I 'experiment' as my work was always so precise and detailed). So I've been on Pinterest looking for inspiration. Because there's nothing more flooring than a blank piece of paper. I usually end up with a blank mind to match.

My bag's packed: glasses, apron, notebook, sketch pad, pencils... I'm excited! Even the prospect of venturing out into the cold and dark doesn't put me off. A few hours away from the house and in a classroom getting messy are just what the doctor ordered...


  1. Poor you, on the neighbour front. We know what it's like to have troublesome neighbours but nowhere near as bad a situation as yours. At least ours are polite when we point out that we can't actually hear our television because of the loudness of their music! Stealing your garden is a different thing altogether. It's hard to understand some people isn't it? I hope your art class was exciting and inspiring. Enjoy Angie Lewin- she's fabulous!

    1. Oh, there are few things worse than other people's noise! My dream would be to live in the middle of nowhere.

      The art class was fun but really challenging. I think I need to ease off on my perfectionist tendencies! Hopefully I'll get some photos from the event tomorrow evening - or at the very least a little something from the gift shop ;)

  2. Great photo. Stating the obvious; you need to move!

    1. I know - and the house has been on the market for a year this month. Boundary disputes are the last thing we need right now. So much for our being in a 'desirable area' (whatever that means). We've dropped the price a few times but so far no takers.
      Sometimes it's hard to stay positive and not feel desperate!

  3. Jeeeeeez, nightmare neighbours! Hope it's sorted soon.

    Hope your art class provided a welcome escape. Reading about your art class make me want to find something creative to do near me, it sounds like a good way to spend an evening. x
    P.S love the photo - my grandma took a few pictures of the three of us the other day and they look remarkably similar!

    1. I love that photo, you don't usually get many 'wrong' ones now with digital - you just delete them. I remember collecting photos from the chemist back in the day and thinking how many were ruined for one reason or another...
      The art class is great and is run at the local high school by the college. Five weeks, fifteen pounds and a chance to be creative without the demands of a toddler!
      Our neighbours seem to have turned from reasonable and polite to confrontational, rude people best avoided. Oh dear. Hopefully it will be resolved soon, our house sells and we can move on. Maybe 2014 will be our year x


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