Saturday, 16 November 2013

A rare night out

Last night we braved rush hour on the M62 ('The highest Motorway in England' according to the sign) and went to the Angie Lewin private view at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. 

It was fun. Prosecco on the door - always a good thing - and so many beautiful things to see. Philistine that I am, I headed straight for the shop (well, almost - and it is on the way into the exhibition). I wanted lots of things. Lots and lots. The whole place was packed with people.

We didn't take the 'big' camera (we were unsure of the rules) so the little Lumix came along. Apologies for the photos. Crowds, low lighting and reflective surfaces conspired against us. But Jay did a sterling job both with the camera and the long drive there and back.

He was taken with the wild boar cufflinks. Not that he's a cufflink wearer.

He also liked the wooden slices of tree which served as display stands. Another project beckons...

It was so nice to see so many of Angie Lewin's prints up close and in real life. And although we couldn't stretch to buying one, you can always dream. I did pick up one or two little goodies which I'll post about in a few days.

I really enjoyed seeing a display case full of her carved wood blocks, inks, sketches, books and outdoor finds - it helped you to understand her creative process and inspiration.

And I loved this set-up (above) with the furniture and fabrics. Like I said, so many beautiful things.

We left promising ourselves to visit the Sculpture Park in daylight. By all accounts it's supposed to be a great place to explore and sounds like a good wintry day out. Then we drove home back across Saddleworth Moor to hot drinks and chocolate biscuits. We're out again tonight (watching a gig in Manchester). It's chilly. But then we'll be home and cosy and have all Sunday to do nothing.

We very rarely go out in the evening so to be out two nights in a row is virtually unheard of. Joe's grandparents have been worth their weight in gold this weekend - we're very lucky indeed.


  1. Lucky you seeing one of Angie Lewin's exhibitions. Her work is incredible. Oh and I love to pootle around a gallery's shop and come away with a little token of sorts x Penny

    1. The shop was lovely. I also love the one in Tate Liverpool - it's great for books and things for little ones x

  2. Nights out are so precious aren't they - two in a row though, you lucky ducks!

    The Angie Lewin exhibition looks so good - I was reading my MIL's Angie Lewin book the other day (plants and places I think?) which is well worth a look if you haven't come across it already. Looking forward to seeing what you picked up! (I too love the slices of tree!)
    Enjoy the gig! x

    1. Thank you! We did enjoy it - but it was so nice to come home and relax with a Baileys...

      I have that book too. It's lovely and I think most of the work in there was on display at the exhibition so lots to see... am looking forward to sharing what I bought too. Just waiting for some nice light to come into our house (the weather's so gloomy around here this weekend)!

      Enjoy your Sunday x


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