Saturday, 5 October 2013

Feel the fear...

... And knit it anyway. A bit dramatic considering what I was actually in fear of, but bear with me.

I've never been much of a mathematician. Or scientist. Formulas, numerical sequences: even the arithmetic bit on Countdown makes me panic. 

Which is why I've always avoided using knitting patterns. All those abbreviations and numbers look a bit too much like algebra to me. So even though I'm a keen knitter it's always been strictly squares and rectangles. Cushion covers, wrist warmers, scarves. But I've been hankering after a hat lately and desperately wanted a go at knitting one myself.

So last week I bit the bullet, found a simple pattern booklet by this designer, and treated myself to some nice yarn  - Rowan's Cocoon - and a couple of pairs of bamboo needles.

And after a quick phone call to my mum to clarify one particular set of instructions I was on my way. Counting, stitching, decreasing even. And now I'm hooked. So much so that once I'd finished my first hat I went out, bought more yarn (the cream one, above) and knitted another. There wasn't enough for a matching pompom so I made one with some rather fetching khaki.

I think I prefer the cream hat. Here it is (being modelled in the bathroom mirror).

Sorry this picture's not great. But I wouldn't pose while Jay took a photo of me. You know I hate being photographed. And my eyes look wonky when I take photos in the mirror - no idea why.

But anyway, that's what I've been up to (in my free moments) since Wednesday. And now I'm able to actually use a pattern there'll be no stopping me. Hooray!


  1. Yay! Getting to grips with knitting patterns is like learning a new language, but now you've begun there really will be no stopping you!!

    I've just been catching up on your posts ... really glad to hear that the craft fair went well :)

    1. It did indeed and I'm on the lookout for my next one.

      As for knitting... I'm taking a very cautious approach to patterns but am beyond excited at all the possibilities. So many lovely things to knit! I've been on Pinterest this afternoon and there are lots and lots of things I'd love to try. It feels like I'm starting a whole new journey!

  2. In my childish way I like that she is called Hatton. And you look lovely in yours!

    1. I didn't notice that! I'm away with the fairies much of the time... and thank you - I like the cream version on me best. It all worked out actually as it's my mum's birthday tomorrow. We went over to Lancs yesterday and I took both hats to show her. She liked the grey/lilac one so much I gave it to her as an extra birthday present :)


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