Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Almost Halloween

It's the day before Halloween. The pumpkin's been brought in from the shed ready for carving, and the forecast was for rain this afternoon so this morning Joe and I went on a little walk. We spotted lots of lovely things: I want one of these trees. They remind me of candelabras somehow, especially once their leaves have dropped.

This is one well-stocked woodshed. Well, barn. They must have a serious log burning stove in their house. 

Speaking of houses - this might be my perfect place for a Halloween party. Apple-bobbing and so on. And cocktails and costumes.

Someone even managed to keep a hat and mittens on. Cobbled lane + snuggly footmuff = sleepy boy. He'd better be awake for the pumpkin carving later.

On the subject of hats, I've just finished this for someone we know with a new baby girl. Looks simple enough. It took me three attempts with a lot of unravelling ( of knitting) and fraying (of nerves). My second attempt at a pattern. I had to increase stitches on a purl row. It floored me.

I got there eventually. Thank you, You Tube.


  1. Love those pictures. Well done with the hat. I tried knitting a pair of baby Mary Janes recently and ended up with two left ones!

  2. Oh, that must have been mortifying! I do love knitting and the challenge of a pattern (albeit a simple one so far) but it's also pretty nerve-wracking. Maybe it should be classed as an extreme hobby!


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