Thursday, 18 July 2013

High summer

I'm abandoning any romantic ideas I had of maybe one day moving to a Greek island. And I know I'm one of those who complains about the weather here in the North West (rainy, in case you hadn't guessed). But now we're on the brink of a heatwave I'm actually starting to miss the chilly breezes and drizzle.

It's just too hot. The garden's looking tired and a bit singed around the edges. Everything seems so much of an effort. I'm not alone in this but there are a few friends of mine who are delighting in this incessant heat and it makes me wonder if I'm just a miserable so-and-so. I struggled with prickly heat as a child and have always loved autumn and winter. So my thoughts have been turning to the colder months.

I'm sorely tempted to sort through my wardrobe and look at my cold-weather clothes. I've knitted two pairs of wristwarmers. And I have a stall booked at a vintage and craft fair at the end of September, so have been out looking for treasures. The sideboard is slowly but surely becoming stocked up ready for the big event but there's still lots to do.

Here's a list of what I do like about summer:
Strawberries, cherries and raspberries
New potatoes and asparagus
Not having to buy flowers for the house
Bees and butterflies (when the latter don't lay eggs on the cabbages)
Pimms, G&T, cold beer
Going barefoot (Joe and me both)
Eating outdoors
Light evenings
Using sunscreen instead of daycream
Peonies, dahlias and roses
Sandals and painted toenails.

There. That cheers me up. I'm still sending Jay up to the loft to dig the fan out though.


  1. I have had an ever love of autumn with it's morning mists and cool sunshine and even though I now find myself basking in the shade of some tree on a daily basis and relishing the scent of the sun on my hair and skin at the end of the day and loving every second of this unusually summery weather my mind is starting to drift towars the thought of layers, scarves, golden days and mugs of hot chocolate..

    1. I have to say that if I was to list all my favourite things about autumn I'd be here all day! Yours are a good start though. In fact, I've just started knitting a scarf today :)

  2. I sent Charlie up to the loft to dig the fan out only to find that it didn't work.

    A bit too hot for me too.

    1. And it's set to continue! I'm just grateful I was heavily pregnant and still at work this time last year instead of now...


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