Monday, 15 July 2013


We've had a busy weekend. Children's parties, food shopping, chores - and all those little things which accumulate and before you know it, it's Sunday evening. Here are a few snapshots of the nicer things...

I shortened a strapless dress (which I was wearing in the top photo - even though it looks like I'm not wearing clothes). And my Housewife, 49 sensibilities meant I decided to make a necklace from the trimmings.

I'll wear it with a T shirt or vest.

Here's another little pot I made at my ceramics class. A blue pear with holes in it. No, I have no idea why either.

I'm essentially an autumn person. But there are some things I love about summer and cherries are one of my absolute favourite things to eat. 

More summer fruits: dinky Alpine strawberries growing in front of the shed. I pick them every other day or so but have realised that painting my fingernails a similar colour means I keep thinking I've spotted more ripe berries hiding in the leaves...

We bought the hosta as a weedy little specimen and it's now massive. The number of flower heads total seven; I'll have a go at dividing it later in the year.

The sunflowers are out too. I like the dark-coloured ones best. Last autumn we had a squirrel who kept visiting. The heads full of seeds were too much for him to resist (I noticed he didn't bring any of his friends).

We have some cute little flowers to go with the cute little strawberries.

I particularly like the miniature marigolds. I haven't seen them before but would like to grow them again. I'll have to remember to harvest the seeds when they dry out.

The broad beans now have pods. Which means one of my favourite summer meals: broad beans and peas with mint, feta and olive oil. And toasted sourdough bread. Now I'm feeling hungry...


  1. Love the pear, why not I say. Also like the bag, I am a wee bit partial to tan leather.

    1. Me too! I have another bag and two pairs of sandals... sadly this bag is stained with indigo dye on the other side from either jeans or a denim jacket.

      I still use it though, nice side facing out!

  2. What lovely photos especially the one of you and your little boy ... and I love your little pear shaped pot too!

    1. Thankyou! The pottery seems to be piling up. Luckily my mum is one of those proud parents who admires whatever I produce (regardless of whether it's any good or not) so I suspect she'll be in receipt of a few things :)

  3. lovely pic of you and joe, happy and summery !
    i'm a nella last fan too, i even dragged my husband to barrow to see her places, a long time ago that, i had a very old copy of the diaries. i was very miffed when victoria wood picked it up and to my mind ruined the film by playing nella herself. wrong wrong wrong!
    that pear you made reminds me of something but it's too far back to drag out. do you think the holes are for putting marigolds in ? you are getting to be an accomplished potter.
    i do love the smell of marigolds and those wee ones were my husband's favourite flower.
    i hope you are enjoying the sun, i'm none too keen on heat myself and i always found it harder to keep a baby cool than keep him warm.
    love susan xx

    1. Hello! I'm with you on Victoria Wood - I'm not a fan but my friend loves her... personal taste I suppose.

      I'm not a lover of this heat either. The other morning I opened the kitchen door and it was chilly and misty and it felt autumnal. Autumn's my favourite time of year. I like sunshine but not this draining, airless weather. Joe's sleeping in a little sleeveless bodysuit as his room gets the sun all afternoon and it's stifling.

      We were supposed to be heading to North Wales at the weekend to meet up with family but it would be unfair to sit him in the car for a couple of hours each way.

      Fingers crossed we get a good old thunderstorm soon to freshen things up!

      Sarah x

  4. I can't help myself ... I look at marigolds and I see dye!

    The necklace is fabulous :)

    1. Thankyou... a good use for old T shirts (I Googled how to make one and it's very simple - I'm sure someone as accomplished as you could do it with your eyes closed!)


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