Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Nature walk

The past few days have been really hot and sunny. Joe's been on the swings most days (he loves them so much we now know what to buy for his first birthday in August). But today we went to look at flowers and insects and trees.

I took him around the Mounds. There are lots of paths near the house with a couple of ponds and woods. We spotted wild orchids and dog roses and buzzy creatures.

And buttercups everywhere.

The pond we visit has a little jetty-type thing so you can get right out into the middle and see the ducks. Unfortunately today they were heard but not seen but I still got a photo or two. The flag irises were out in abundance.

As were the dragonflies. They were zipping around too quickly but these (damsel flies?) were easier to snap.

I think the heat made Joe a bit drowsy...

After the pond we climbed to the top of a hill - pushing a pram up it was heavy going. We did a bit of off-roading to look at the ragged robin. Then the wheels got stuck in the grass. Joe found it very funny.

You can see across to Manchester from the top of the hill. The view was a bit hazy today though. I could just about make out the Beetham Tower.

We walked back home through the trees. The shade was very welcome. 


  1. Very nice photos. That flag iris is absolutely stunning! :)

    1. Some wildflowers look so exotic don't they? Good job peonies don't grow in the wild or I'd be naughty and pick myself a big bunch... so envious of yours!

  2. How lovely to share such simple pleasures with your little boy.

    1. I love it! I feel so inspired to make as many of his memories as I can happy ones :)


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