Thursday, 20 June 2013

Jewelled Garden

Fellow Gardener's World fans will know that Monty Don has a 'Jewel Garden' among his many, many other gardens at Long Meadow. Well, our garden is probably smaller than one of Monty's compost heaps. But last week we had our very own Jewelled Garden.

A heavy rain shower left the place looking as though we'd been visited by the Swarowski fairies.

Some plants - hostas, nasturtiums, crocosmia, alchemilla mollis - made the raindrops look like little balls of mercury. I know that lupins do the same. Maybe I'll get some next year.

And the images lend themselves to black and white, I think. Although the colour versions are nice too. But the crystal-like drops look a bit more like jewels in monochrome.

Even a rainy day in summer (is it officially summer yet?) has its charms.


  1. it does indeed look like fairies have been scattering jewels. I especially adore the last picture.
    summer rain is delicious. and to be caught in it even more so!

    happy solstice!...apparently we're in the middle of summer..

  2. Thank you... happy solstice to you too! Speaking of rain we're heading into Manchester today. Umbrellas at the ready!

  3. hello, sorry i have been missing from your comments box, back in action now and caught up with your adventures! thanks for the paper flower info, i had ago but only with plain white paper which is not as pretty as your maps. i can't find one that anyone will allow me to chop up.
    loved all your summery photo's.the above black and white are interesting, i think the third one looks more solid than a leaf and it makes me think of an old fashioned car seat ! i know ! weird brain.....
    joe is looking adorable and is coming up to what is my favourite age.
    no crochet yet ? i made lola some little rabbits last week and we play hide and seek with them when she comes.
    susan x

  4. The hosta leaf does look like a car seat - the type your legs stuck to when you were little and it was hot!

    I've been caught up in all kinds of things recently and seem to be permanently busy. Don't think my social life has been this hectic since 2010 when I was still working in Manchester.

    Crochet's still on the back burner as I've been knitting, printmaking and have got a few commissions for drawings. Good to hear you tried the origami flowers. You can get road atlases for about £2.99 in those bargain bookshops (The Works?) so you shouldn't feel too bad about cutting them up.

    Joe is indeed adorable, I just love doing new things with him. Swimming tomorrow. Should be interesting.

    Hide and seek with crochet bunnies sounds fun :)


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