Monday, 3 June 2013

Looking forward

Joe seems to be coming along in leaps and bounds lately. In the past few weeks he's mastered the art of sitting up straight without toppling over, he's started crawling and we clean his teeth every day (all three of them). 

He's also had his first go on a swing - he loved it - and been on his first bus ride.

In some ways I feel sad when I look at all the little things he's outgrown, especially favourite items of clothing. But we're thinking about his birthday in August and looking forward to lots more 'firsts'.

 Like playing with his abacus...

And going to the beach (probably Formby or a trip to Hilbre Island).

And reading fairy tales together (this lovely blog inspired me to hunt out vintage children's books). I've also started collecting old Observer guides to encourage Joe's appreciation of nature).

I actually took this book to bed with me - nothing like a bit of escapism before going to sleep. My favourite story: The Princess and the Pea.

The windmill can go in his first sandpit. Yet another project for Jay...

Joe's grip is good now too. He's like a little lobster. Hopefully he'll get the hang of his pop-up pirate soon. We bought that and the spinning top from a craft fair. I'm a sucker for traditional toys.

I loved marbles when I was at primary school. Although Joe will have to wait until the compulsion to shove everything in his mouth is well and truly behind him before we have any tournaments.

Sad though it is to put outgrown clothes away, I'm looking forward to dressing him in some new things - like this retro T shirt...

And this little yellow raincoat which matches mine (not deliberate but it will look cute). We'll need a pair of wellies and a dinky umbrella too...

The red jacket was a gift from Joe's auntie. He's a very lucky little boy and I can't wait to do new things together. Which makes me a very lucky mummy.


  1. How exciting for little Joe, so many things to explore for the very first time and so many new experiences awaiting him. Exciting times ahead for all of you :)

    1. I know - I get to do all the fun stuff all over again! Maybe even (gasp) buy bikes...

  2. Such a lovely age and so many exciting things to discover together.

    1. It's fun when they start taking notice, isn't it? Especially when that coincides with summer coming :)


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