Sunday, 2 June 2013

Be Prepared

A picnic blanket and a raincoat - says it all about the British summer, doesn't it? I know it's not quite summer yet but this is what I had at the ready for a get-together a few weekends ago and it reminded me of a previous post where I wrote about noticing the small everyday things which make you feel good.

'Be Prepared' is, of course, a motto employed by the Scouts. And there's something very satisfying about that. Having the right tool for the job. Not being caught out. Things like having change in your purse, an umbrella when it starts raining, wellies on your feet when your walk turns muddy... the list is potentially very long (and fun to think about).

Having a baby to take care of demands a lot of preparation. Even a quick trip out to run a few errands can turn into something resembling a military operation. Food, nappies, suncream, a toy or two, a change of clothes (just in case). And the planning around feeding and napping times gets a bit difficult too.

It can take the fun out of things. It's quite taxing on the brain.

Although I always feel very pleased with myself when I remember to take the rain cover for the pram. A small but significant victory, every time.

Not too long ago people always had the right things at the ready for the task at hand. Driving gloves, road atlases, boiled sweets, travel rugs. Hipflasks. Bed jackets. Shooting sticks. Things were done correctly. And although our house is small and we don't have the accessories to cover every eventuality in life (I'm thinking bread makers and ice cream machines here), there are things which make me feel pleased when I remember to organise them. Some I've blogged about, some I haven't. Here are a few:

Keeping sunglasses in the car
(Ditto tissues and lip balm in my handbag)
Writing a meals and ingredients list for the weekly food shop
Updating my diary
Having a few spare birthday cards in the drawer
Having a supply of Paracetamol in the bathroom cabinet
My phone and camera being fully charged
Marking my page with a bookmark.

No specialist equipment required, just a bit of forethought.

Of course, I'm always forgetting to buy things, to take something out of the freezer, to write something down. But it never ends in a catastrophe. So pulling that umbrella out of my bag when the clouds gather is hard to beat.

Sometimes, it's the little things.


  1. A few weeks back ours were a big thick blanket and Polos while we sat in the car waiting for our youngest to return from Iceland. Flight was delayed so the blanket was a godsend.

    1. I love a good blanket! And I always carry Polos too. I remember my mum always used to have fruit ones when I was little - not sure whether you can still buy those or not.

      Have always wanted to visit Iceland. It must be one of the best places in the world to take photographs...


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