Monday, 6 May 2013


Today it was hot and sunny and we headed to Lancashire - I know we go there a lot but I have to get my fix. And I suspect it would have been very busy had we gone to the coast. So we'll save that for another time. 

There was plenty to see, including this colourful cockerel. A little bit further down the path was an enclosure with a very desirable chicken shed (the sign on it read 'Cluckingham Palace').

Joe wore a new sun hat and factor 50 cream. I opted for factor 30. I've been silly in the sun before but am now older and wiser...

I love mock currant. There were bushes everywhere but this was the only white one I saw. One of my favourite spring blossoms.

We wandered down the old railway (sadly part of Dr Beeching's cull in the 1960s). There were celandines everywhere. The bluebells haven't flowered yet - it's a bit colder in Pennine Lancashire than in Cheshire. Another week or so and I may well go back with my camera.

We saw some poor sheep panting in the shade. Some had even opted to lie in a stream in an attempt to cool down. The alpacas must be more able to cope with the heat, as they were very woolly but happy to stand in the sun (and pose for pictures).

I'm sure everyone photographs this part of the Irwell Valley Way through the giant picture frame...

Joe seemed to enjoy the walk. He only dozed for the last little bit and was his usual happy little self. If only all bank holidays were so sunny - I suppose we were due a nice one!

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