Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bank Holiday goings-on

Warm and sunny at last! Which meant I had to hurriedly paint my toenails during Joe's morning nap on Friday. 

And sunny weather means we all get to wear line-dried clothes (and sleep in beds which smell of fresh air).

I switched things around a little bit in the living room (prints and frames from Ikea, cheap and cheerful).

This afternoon I tidied the garden - and now have the backache to prove it. A hot bath later for me.

Last night we went to a gig in Wolverhampton. It's a long way from home and I was anxious about leaving Joe for a night out for the first time. His grandparents came and looked after him for the evening and when we tiptoed in he was fast asleep, having been very well behaved for them. Phew!

I hope you're enjoying the long weekend. Fingers crossed it's nice tomorrow - we'll probably head out for the day (not too sure where just yet). Happy Bank Holiday!

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