Sunday, 28 April 2013

Nature in the Home

This week's Nature in the Home post had me a bit stuck. The intention was to go out walking with a pair of secateurs in my pocket and find something for the vase I bought yesterday at a flea market.

But it's cold, windy and overcast and I'm ashamed to say I decided to dart out into the garden and grab whatever was available (not much) then retreat back indoors. I don't know what it's like in your part of the world but here it's still pretty chilly. In fact the first primrose has only just made an appearance.

So, from the meagre pickings, here it is: weeds. Cute ones. But weeds nonetheless. They're suited to a humble little jam jar and I actually quite like them so they're now sitting on my bedside table.


  1. Lovely, it just shows that even weeds can be pretty!

  2. They can - but I draw the line at dandelions, the smell put me off! Although I saw someone out foraging them in the woods yesterday and was impressed...

  3. Oh such simple beauty, I love these images. x

    1. Thank you! Am liking having a dinky vase next to the bed, think it'll be a permanent fixture :)


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