Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Hidden treasure

When I moved into this house two-and-a-half years ago some of my boxed-up things went straight into the loft. Today we pulled some of them down to take a look.

I rediscovered things I'd like to keep: this inherited vintage tea set, some old martini and liqueur glasses, a few retro cups and saucers.

Others can go to the charity shop. There were wine glasses (we don't even drink wine) and some dessert bowls among other things. But I'm keeping a glass trifle bowl and the little dishes that go with it.

Sadly some of the sets are incomplete. A case of too many saucers and not enough cups. And I'm sure the tea set at the top of the page must be missing a teapot and milk jug.

The little glasses are quite dinky. They make me think that maybe we should entertain more (although seating could be a bit of a problem). And I'm not sure whether you can get people over for sherry.

The pink glasses have prompted me to look online for martini ideas though. You can definitely get people over for martini.


  1. You have some beautiful things, what a shame for them to have been hidden away in the loft for so long. I don't drink martini but my those glasses make me want to!

    1. I actually used the glasses ages ago when I got really ill and was having to take lots of tablets every day. The soluble painkillers were so much more bearable when I drank them in a martini glass! I know that sounds a bit strange but I needed something to cheer me up a bit (I also knitted the longest scarf at the same time in the same shade of pink)...

  2. My husband is king of the gin martini! Elegant but potent...and so good.

    I have such a weakness for dishware and such. But pink martini glasses? Love!

    1. I'm donating some stuff but the glasses have to stay. They're not even vintage but that doesn't matter, they still look pretty!

      Think the long Easter weekend will be celebrated with a cocktail of some sort :)


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