Friday, 29 March 2013

A Good Friday

It's been an eventful few days. And it's all been good. My car passed its MOT yesterday (phew). Joe's sitting up - albeit like a little frog with his hands out in front to hold himself steady - and claps his hands when you do. 

I had a quiet night in last night. Jay went to a gig in Manchester and I stayed home and had a bath, ate chocolate, read some blogs, watched some toe-curlingly trashy TV and went up to bed with a book.

I also went for an eye test on Tuesday. I'm supposed to wear glasses but they made things a bit wonky and I couldn't really judge the stairs properly so gave up on them. I have a new prescription and chose some nice frames. Two for one. I just went for the same pair twice - adventurous me. No more watching TV with my eyes screwed up.

We went for a walk this afternoon. There are a couple of nature reserve-type places within a few minutes' walk of the house. Even though the spring's so late this year we spotted a bit of life and colour. And a fake owl in a treetop - bit odd.

Back in the house the hyacinths are opening up. Not as much by the way of colour maybe, but they smell lovely already. It really is a Good Friday - Gardener's World this evening and a menu-planning session for next week, so inspirational cookbooks at the ready. Cosy is my favourite state to be in. Happy Easter!

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  1. That sounds like the perfect night to me :) Happy Easter to you too


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