Thursday, 7 March 2013

Eco baby

Before Joe was born, we decided we didn't want a house awash with baby things. I'm a bit of a neat freak anyway, and we just don't have the space - a living room and kitchen and that's it for downstairs. 

Another consideration is plastic. I'm no eco warrior, but I do have a problem with all that future landfill. Not to mention the fact that neither of us want an assault on our eyes every time we come through the front door. Believe me, I've been in houses which resemble day care nurseries. Bouncers, walkers, toys, crates, books, baby furniture littering every available surface. I'm too uptight to cope with that. After Joe goes to bed, we like to have a bit of relaxing grown-up time in a grown-up space.

Of course, people have given us plastic toys and things. And Joe will use them. When he outgrows them they'll be donated. But on the whole, we've received some very lovely handmade gifts. I've even had a go myself (well, using a kit anyway).

I love that some of his toys are made from re-used fabrics. Most of his things live in his bedroom but he has toys and books downstairs too - they just get tidied away periodically into a log basket (topped with his jumper tortoise). I'd love to make him more things and fully intend to. But in the meantime we try and avoid the plastic stuff - hangers, storage etc - and go for the natural option. Things are stored in an old fishing basket and tin boxes. And I use wooden hangers.

Some of these things will be kept for years to come. Some will be re-purposed. Hopefully some will even become heirlooms.


  1. I do love your crocheted owl.

    I know exactly what you mean about all the plastic assaulting the eyes. You spend time choosing your furnishings and decor, you have a baby and suddenly there is all this stuff you don't like looking at. We didn't manage to avoid it but I spent quite a lot of time hiding it away before I could sit down in the evening. Avoid big toys like playshops and castles which cannot easily be tidied away. They have them at toddler groups anyway and he can always play shops under the table like I did!

    1. It's difficult to avoid that guilt where you wonder whether you should buy lots for your baby. But I've read that children can experience 'overwhelm' if they have too much choice anyway...
      I like the sound of your shop. Much better to let him use his imagination I think!


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