Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Downs and ups

Today's been One of Those Days. I'm sure every mother who's been at home with a young baby knows what I mean. In my case, they happen maybe once a fortnight. For others I'm sure they're much more frequent.

On the whole, Joe's a happy soul and only cries if he's very tired or very hungry. He braved his recent stomach upset without any complaint (quite happily projectile vomiting, which was both alarming and strangely compelling). But today there's been no pleasing him and he's cried, griped and whinged throughout. It's been exhausting. My nerves were frayed and the thought of returning - quickly - to full-time work seemed so very tempting.

It's times like these when you're tearing your hair out and you feel a lump rise in your throat as you battle through the day. The relief when Jay got home was huge.

I'd planned a bit of a photo session and had a post I really wanted to write but just couldn't manage it. I was disappointed and frustrated.

Anyway, that's the complaining bit over and done with.

Because I've eaten, there's a hot bath with my name on it and tomorrow's a new start. The good thing about bad days is that they're seldom followed by another. And I'll make time to get my photos taken and my post written, somehow.

PS I like this photo (taken in Liverpool). Maybe we'll get it blown up for Joe's room.

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