Friday, 15 February 2013


Sticking with the handicrafts theme, Joe has received lots of lovely knitted/crocheted things since he arrived. In fact, at the last count, he has 3 cardigans, 4 jumpers, 2 hats, 7 blankets and a waistcoat.

I'm no expert at knitting. My talents stretch to scarves and wrist warmers. Or 'typing gloves' as I called them when I worked in a listed building with high ceilings, huge single-glazed sash windows and evil draughts lurking at every turn.

So I'm very grateful for all the lovely things we've received. Some have been knitted by family, others by friends, others by relatives of friends - people we've never even met.

Nothing inspires a knitter like a new baby, apparently.

I love dressing Joe in hand-made clothes. I suspect when he outgrows them I might have to keep a few items and keep them in a memory box. 

I made the hat. I wish I could cope with knitting patterns but I can't - they're too close to maths somehow. Or science. I could never read music either.

Luckily my mum sent a new consignment yesterday, and is due to start work on another jumper. Joe has an army of knitters at his disposal and is completely unaware. But he's always nice and warm. I'm sure he appreciates it in his own little way.


  1. What a nice collection of handknits. My mother-in-law made my eldest (17 years old) several traditional lacy knitted cardigans which I refused to dress him in. I feel rather sad about it now and have no idea what I did with them.

    1. I know what you mean - we have a couple of things which I probably wouldn't use so they're hanging up in the wardrobe. I feel guilty as someone (elderly) spent time making them. Having said that, I could always donate them. When Joe was born he struggled to maintain a decent body temperature and the hospital had a stock of old handknits.
      I'll be forever grateful for the lacy lilac cardigan we borrowed!

  2. joe has a clever grandma !
    i have only just found your blog and am very much enjoying 'reading back'. i live near ramsbottom and know a lot of the places you mention.
    loved you valentines tale and the visit to the strawberry duck.

    1. Hi Susan -
      Thanks for your comment.
      It's especially nice to hear from someone from Ramsbottom (or thereabouts). I get homesick an awful lot...
      And thank you for reading the blog. I've only recently started blogging again and haven't really 'publicised' it as such so it's good to know people are stumbling across it.


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