Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Jay and I were supposed to be getting married on 6th June last year. We had the venue booked, the registrar sorted out and all the rest of it. But things happen. I hadn't fallen pregnant as quickly as we'd thought, so we assumed that having a baby was going to be a long-term project.

It turned out that I did get pregnant - shortly after making all the wedding arrangements. And, had we stuck to our original date, I'd have been six months gone and getting married in a maternity dress. Which I didn't really want to do.

Although this Stella McCartney number would have tempted me. Shame I didn't have the bank balance to go with it.

We've since attended a few family weddings and it's made us think about how we want to do ours. Neither of us are particularly extrovert; to be honest, the thought of being the centre of attention in a big group of people fills me with horror. Ditto Jay. And I don't want us to dread our wedding day.

The first place Jay and I ever went away to together was Edinburgh. We like the idea of a small wedding in Scotland - maybe even just the three of us - then a big party back home for friends and family. And even though we'd originally gone for a June date, spring or even autumn would be nice too.

Basically: we don't know what to do just yet. But I do like the wedding dress and cardigan combination.

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