Sunday, 6 January 2013

Handbag edit

So I bought a little bag last week. As I mentioned, I'd been given some vouchers for Christmas so decided to make an investment - I went for leather. We all know that the older it gets the better it looks. I'd been after one for a while and had been scouring charity shops as they often have hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Alas, no gems in the form of what I was looking for.

I spent a while in John Lewis agonising over which colour to go for. It was between a deep teal, dark brown or tan. I went for this one:

It's just big enough to carry my essentials when out and about (usually with a pram):

Diary (small - and I'm old-school in that I'd rather jot things down than store them electronically)
Lip balm
Hair elastics.

It has a nice long strap so I can wear it across my front, it goes with more or less anything and it smells nice and leathery.

No more fighting my way through nappies, wipes, bibs and other baby stuff.

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