Wednesday, 1 February 2017

A new (ad)venture...

New year, new month, new (ad)venture:

I'm really excited to share that I was recently appointed as Nature Editor for Creative Countryside

When I first heard they were hiring, I knew I'd love to be one of the new editors. And, as you know, I'm passionate about nature and seasonality. What better than to research and write articles, to find contributors, and to work alongside a team of great fellow writers and bloggers?

My fellow editors are:
Sarah from The Salty Sea Blog (Folklore)
Kayte from Simple and Season (Stories)
Chelsea from Loving Life in Wellies (Adventure).

Three lovely blogs well worth a visit. 

I thought I'd use a selection of old and new photographs to accompany this post. You may recognise a few - some are from around our village, others from further afield: the Lakes, Lindisfarne, Scotland... And I think they represent what I'm hoping to do with this new opportunity.

To get outdoors and explore and get inspired. To think about nature and how we can learn about and celebrate it. And, of course, to share all that with others.

Am I still an artist? Of course. I'm a writer too. And a taker of photographs. I'm not swapping any one of those things for another. Because, in terms of what I've always wanted to do, art and writing - together - well, they're it. And I think they'll complement each other perfectly.

The subject matter and the inspiration are one and the same: nature.

Funnily enough, Jay bought me a diary last week. It's a really lovely one. And I'm going to use it only for my creative notes, plans and dates. As opposed to the more mundane (but still necessary) stuff that ends up in my not-very-pretty, scrawled-in, everyday diary.

Those little seeds of ideas have already started to take root. I suspect the as yet pristine pages will soon be criss-crossed with all kinds of jottings and thoughts, just as they should be.

I really hope you'll visit Creative Countryside and that you'll enjoy what you read there.

Wish me luck!


  1. That's fantastic Sarah, really well done you. They have made an excellent choice in asking you to edit the nature section, I know you will do it beautifully. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it all, and wishing you the very best. CJ xx

  2. Great news Sarah! Congratulations! I look forward to reading more.

  3. i just fell down the gorgeous rabbit-hole that is one of your fellow editors....oh my, what beautiful and inspiring work. you're in some wonderful company.

    your appointment is so capture the magic of the land so well, you're going to do brilliantly, i'm sure. well done, you! xo

  4. Well done Sarah. I can absolutely see this fulfilling and bringing together even more cohesively those creative parts that are you.
    I shall certainly follow you there as well as here.

  5. Congratulations!!! How wonderful! I hope you really enjoy it!

  6. what a wonderful opportunity xxxx

  7. I do wish you luck. But they are lucky to have you. Well done.

  8. You don't need any good luck wishes. You'll be fantastic. Well done missus xx


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