Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The Quiet Winter

I saw that as a hashtag and liked the idea of it. January here so far has been fairly quiet; a few flurries on the work front and the whole back to school whirlwind but other than that... 

Actually, no. They're resurfacing the road outside. Yesterday there were four hi-visibility clad men standing outside for over an hour. When I say outside, I mean two of them were actually sitting on my living room windowsill, backsides pressed firmly up against the glass, smoking endless fags and shouting expletives at their colleagues. Some piece of machinery was on the blink. So was I.

I'm no prude (and enjoy a bit of colourful language myself, I'll be honest). But Joe was due to be collected from school and I didn't want him to hear it. So in between getting annoyed, and the house literally shaking as they finally got back to work with their steamrollers or whatever they were using, yesterday afternoon was about as far from quiet as you can get.

Still. They've since moved further down the road and I'm calm once more. It's almost peaceful. I'd love a deep snowfall to deaden everything - there's nothing like that feeling of feeling warm indoors, looking out at a layer of white snow.

Christmas still remains in some ways. I forgot to take my string of bells down and can't be bothered dragging a chair across to climb onto and get them. And I had a mild allergic reaction to the tree again. Silly me. I just hate the thought of not having a real one, and conveniently forgetting each year about the problems they cause me.

There are still some fairy lights up. I don't see them as necessarily Christmassy. A bit of twinkle during the darker months never hurt anybody. And it's often gloomy in here in winter - which is why I've taken some 'interesting' indoor photos instead, reflected in the glass doors. Above: note the dead daffodils on the mantel shelf.

But there's a matching bunch on the opposite end at least.

I haven't seen any more to buy yet. Maybe I'll empty the dead ones out this afternoon...

The holly in the jug on the landing window has decided to flower, which is quite sweet.

Yes - this is one of those 'miscellany' posts again. I just felt like writing one, so please bear with me as I jump from one subject to the next. So: my amber necklace. I sent it down to Cornwall to be re-strung and it's now safely back. I've worn it already. I'm very happy with it.

And another change of direction: my hair. I really hope this doesn't come across as vain or in any way self-indulgent. You know I hate having my picture taken. But in the interests of Mitenska, I thought you might be interested to see how my going grey is progressing. Cue more badly-taken selfies.

I actually took the dressmaking scissors to it just before Christmas. This is something I do occasionally in a fit of - what? Boredom? I don't know. The ends were getting a bit ratty, and I thought if I could get rid of a bit more of they dyed stuff I might as well. So I did.

I told you the house was gloomy. I have to take these incredibly unglamorous shots in the bathroom because it's just about the brightest spot in the house with a mirror.

Selfies using my phone aren't an option. I'm not 15.

Anyway, hopefully you can see the grey coming through more. I clipped the sides back as it's more obvious at my temples and hairline. I quite like it too.

Even though there's a lack of light at the moment, Joe's suddenly into creating big, splashy paintings. They brighten up the kitchen no end and he does love me exhibiting his work. 

Speaking of the kitchen, I've been eating a really healthy diet and am feeling pretty good. I tried this recipe last week and it was delicious. I omitted the orange juice and yogurt, but it was so good I'll definitely be making it again. The coconut and sweet potato soup would be great with chicken added, and the lentils weren't really a necessity.

Elsewhere, my house plants seem to be waking up. I love rose and lemon-scented geraniums and they're doing very nicely so perhaps it'll be time for cuttings soon.

I'm trying to keep the next few months as slow and simple as possible: home-based pursuits, local walks, no spending. The blouse was a purchase made before Christmas but I'm really pleased with it, especially for the price (£11.99). Yes, really. H&M.

I've been working through my Maker's Toolkit, reviewing 2016 and planning 2017 for Frond & Feather. It's been really useful so far.

Sometimes you need to have a bit of a treat, don't you? I know, I know - no spending. I'm trying. I just can't resist sometimes. I've been reading a lot lately (mainly in bed) and enjoying short stories, but the lure of the magazine gets me every time.

Finally: This. Lego. Still everywhere. I'm surprised I haven't killed the hoover with it yet. I have knelt on the odd piece (and suddenly my language matches that of the road workers). I sit down in the evenings and spot little half-built vehicles positioned on shelves, under the fire or behind the TV. The best approach is to shove it out of sight or to join in and make something.

They've forecast heavy snow for tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers. Who needs Lego when you can build a snowman?


  1. Hey there lovely. Happy New Year to you and yours. Your hair is really lovely. Pretty and natural. I'm so glad to see signs of spring. So pleasing. I went outside earlier and found a little abandoned pot of muscari bulbs flowering on the garage windowsill. Cue happy dance! We're expecting snow tonight. I quite fancy a day curled up in the warm looking out at it. But who am I kidding. The wee ones will have me out, freezing my toes off building snowmen. And yes the Lego. I feel your pain. The number of times I've trod on a perfectly pointy piece. I've turned the air blue on several occasions. Wishing you a cosy weekend, Bee xx

    1. Happy New Year to you too! I'm still waiting for the snow - it keeps trying but so far we just have sleet. As for the muscari, I love them. I really want to get some little bulbs for indoors. They always signify spring to me, even on cold dark days. x

  2. Lovely images and words Sarah.
    The jumping from one subject to another suits flicking through a magazine. Thinking about it I always read magazine backwards. what's that all about.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for snow for you. I think we are the rain in a snow sandwich tomorrow. Ho Hum
    A quiet winter sounds lovely. Well quiet any season these days. A sign of getting older?
    Jacquie xxx

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading, but it was incredibly disjointed, even for me!
      Yes, maybe we are getting older. I do crave peace and quiet. Not easy with a little boy around, but when he isn't... my ultimate luxury would be an entire day spent with a good book! x

  3. How lovely you look, your hair is gorgeous. I am wondering how I have never seen holly flowers before, they're exquisite. Fingers crossed for a little snow. I doubt we will get any here. I bought a couple of toboggans a few years ago and there has hardly been a flake since. CJ xx

    1. Strange, isn't it? I do remember childhood winters being very snowy indeed: drifts and closed roads with little footpaths burrowed down the middle. Joe has a sledge with metal runners but I doubt it would be as useful as one of the plastic ones.
      I was quite surprised by the holly flowers too. They're tiny and white and waxy. I suspect they've come out due to the warmth in the house; the landing is probably the warmest spot of all. Maybe I should put in a window seat!
      As for the hair - I do have to keep telling myself it'll be worth it in the end. I just wish it grew faster!
      S x

  4. We are waiting for snow too though it hardly ever makes it over to this side of the country! I took a peek at the soup. It looks delicious. I might have to try it myself too :) P.S. Love your hair.

  5. Ahhhhh lego, boy does it hurt! My lot still play with it and they're in their 20's, best value toy ever. Anyhow a lovey blog again and isn't it good to see plants sprouting in the garden, tho we've now got 4 inches of snow. The temp is to go up to 8 C on Sunday, the vagaries of the Scottish weather :) have a good weekend.

  6. I actually first read this - quickly! - a few days ago and was reminded that I can go with the grey hair. I was thinking about colouring it, but I don't really think it is me. So thank you for inspiring me to go with what I have and what I am! Hope that the noise has now gone away again and you can just enjoy a nice smooth road instead!


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