Saturday, 2 July 2016

Looking back: June

I've been through so many photographs from June. And for this post I decided to stick with more from our holiday on Skye.

It seems fitting because the Colour Collaborative has now run its course. So as a final post it made sense to celebrate June in glorious Technicolour.

Ice-cream coloured houses at Portree harbour.

Sumptuous Liberty fabrics inside Dunvegan Castle.

Seaside colours at Waternish.

Skye was an island of blue and green in June.

The Fairy Pools were a strange shade of pale turquoise - almost other-worldly.

And there was bright colour in the castle gardens.

Joe played in the Fairy Pools wearing an appropriately-hued T shirt.

Red and sea-green: one of my favourite combinations.

Abandoned cottages hidden in the greenery...

More green and blue: water reflecting the sky, bluebells still in flower...

 I've also got this photograph in black and white. But I do like the subdued shades here.

The browns of the deep, silent pine forests, punctuated with verdant emerald ferns.

Acid green seaweed...

Gaily-painted boats and raspberry sauce-drizzled ice creams.

Soft moorland shades dotted with fluffy white cotton grass...

Khaki-coloured seaweed against graphite rocks.

And bright violet orchids growing by the shore.

The gorse was out in all its glory, smothering the hillsides in bright yellow.

And more turquoise: lobster cages washed up and tangled in the grass.

More muted colours: faded red paintwork, greying walls and creamy fleece.

Again at Waternish, an arty little settlement with a beautiful gallery: sun-bleached colours on the Inn sign.

That gorse again. It reminds me of last year's trip across to Bute. Very pretty but lethal if you go near it.

So, Skye in June. I'd love to go back in every season to capture it in photographs.

And farewell to the Colour Collaborative. I enjoyed being a part of it.

Have a wonderful July.


  1. Beautiful! I love the soft muted colours of land and sea.

  2. Wow, Skye looks amazing. We had neighbours who went every year, I can see why now. I've enjoyed the Colour Collaborative posts, thank you :) xxx

  3. so many wonderful colours in all your photos, just glorious x

  4. Gorgeous colours, and a fitting end to CC. CJ xx

  5. Beautiful photos Sarah. You capture Skye just how I remember it. I'll miss the Colour Cooperative. x

  6. Sad to see the Colour Collabrative gone
    but I look forward to your future posts.
    Portree Harbour looks delightful.

  7. all beautiful images, and happy memories of our road trip around Scotland this time last year, so thank you very much for sharing! x

  8. What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.

  9. How absolutely beautiful, every single one of them!

  10. A wonderful look back at what looks to have been a fabulous June! I hope that your July is just as good!

  11. I am sorry to learn that CC has ended. It was interesting to view the different entries of those who contributed CC posts, because each of you came at a theme from a different angle and all of you enriched my appreciation of color and how it is involved in our day to day experience. A lingering reward of CC is finding your delightful blog, Sarah. Thanks for this lovely colorful post...sweet to see Joe's absorption in exploring the Fairy Pools, and clutching his ice cream cone, along with the other wonderful sights around you. xx


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