Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Crazy weather. Rain, sleet, sunshine, gusty winds.

It's a season of changeability and contrasts; one minute you're out digging in the garden and the next you're curled up indoors again with the lamps on.

I've been feeling a bit changeable of late too. Nothing deep or profound; just little things I'm noticing. Quite trivial really. Like suddenly liking (craving, even) foods I always steered clear of in the past. Goat's cheese. Parsley. The former has really surprised me. I'm not a fussy eater but I really disliked the flavour of it for years. The latter - ditto. And now I'm treating it as a salad leaf in its own right.

Like I said, trivial.

I'm also getting very much into the printmaking side of my artwork. I still love making detailed drawings and watercolours but right now it's all about ink and rollers and pressed leaves.

My standard uniform of jeans has evolved a little too. I've always liked the odd dress or skirt but I bought some trousers - not smart, formal ones but a khaki pair and I like them a lot. Despite them being a bit big. Or maybe because they are. Next stop: elasticated waistbands? No, not really - although there are few things better than woolly tights or leggings if you're lounging around of an evening.

Anyway... the garden is slowly starting to take shape. Jay's worked especially hard on clearing and wall-building (there are a lot of stones and it made sense to re-use them). Joe follows closely behind at all times. He basically wants to be his dad. It's heartbreakingly cute to watch.

I took a woodland walk last week, alone and on the lookout for things to bring home and press. There isn't too much about just yet for that. Slim pickings.

But along the waysides and in the woods, there's a lot going on. The wild garlic has arrived. The bluebells will be next. Birds are singing and nesting and flitting about.

Joe and I regularly go out for a walk - sometimes just out of the garden gate and through the fields. Sometimes into the village and around the churchyard. He likes to sit on a bench like a little old man and comment on the clouds and the headstones.

We find out in a few weeks whether he's got a place at the village school. He should; we live probably a hundred yards from it. He wouldn't even need to cross the road. And I didn't put a second or third choice on the form - not out of complacency, but because he only turns four on the 29th August and will be so little when he starts. The next closest school is pretty big and he wouldn't know anyone who goes.

So if it's a 'no' then we'll end up having to appeal. Let's hope it doesn't come to that. 25 places, 12 applications from siblings of current pupils (yes, I've pestered the head teacher in my panic). She was reassuringly, well, reassuring.

We're still well-stocked with Easter eggs and various chocolate animal parts. There are more to come this weekend. Not that I'll be around for most of it. 

I enjoy the meeting other sellers bit of craft markets but the run-up and 6am starts and driving and loading/unloading is pretty tough. I do it alone as Jay has to stay home with Joe. So please don't think me a miserable sod for looking forward to next week when it's all over.

I've been printmaking today while Joe's at preschool. I'm going to frame some of the ones I'm happy with, then do an inventory of all the stock. And that'll be it for actually making stuff. Between now and Saturday it's all about making lists, packing boxes, checking emails, sorting out a float and painting the pegboard I bought for my display. 

Our incredibly late Easter holidays start on Monday. Two weeks of Joe and me, no craft fairs to worry about for a while... I'm really hoping for some dry weather.

And that'll be a great excuse to escape into Pinterest and look up outdoor play ideas. I already have a miniature treasure hunt planned using matchboxes. He'll love that. And so will I.

See you on the other side!

P.S. I'll be here if you're anywhere nearby...


  1. Schools is THE topic of conversation round here. Leeds had a 'birth explosion' in 2012 so all there's immense pressure on schools and school places. BigR's school will be taking 3 classes of reception in Sept...that's 90 children! My friends are all waiting to see where their children go! LittleR would love to be going to school in Sept but has another year to wait. I can live with that. Apparently children don't legally have to attend school until the term after they are 5....
    Hope your craft fair goes well and the printmaking too. Hope you get lots of lovely weather to enjoy your holidays...we've got another week

  2. I'm hoping I have a conversion to parsley one day, it's not my favourite herb at the moment. I hope the craft fair goes well, it sounds as if you are beautifully prepared and that you've got lots of lovely things to sell. A rest next week will be very well deserved. Fingers crossed about the school. As you say, you live so close I can't see why they would turn you down. Good luck at the weekend and with the rest of your preparation. CJ xx

  3. Hope your craft fair goes well. It looks like a great venue but sadly too far away for me. Enjoy your outdoor play with Joe too. Our little granddaughter loves to get outside. Her mummy helps to run a Nature Play group. Each week a group of mums/dads/caregivers plus their children meets in a local wood so the children can just explore/ play in the lovely surroundings.

  4. Hope that all goes well at the weekend and that you have lots of customers! Hope too that Joe gets a place at the local school. xx

  5. I hope your craft fair goes well for you Sarah. And enjoy your time off with Joe

  6. Good luck with the school, and the craft fair. Hope you have a fabulous few weeks off together, the treasure hunt sounds marvellous.


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