Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March in pictures (and words)

So, March is at an end. It came in like a lion and went out like - well, an even bigger lion. We've seen snow, hail, gale-force winds and plenty of rain. As well as downpours we've had some brilliant sunshine which marked two firsts for 2015: line-dried washing and a walk without the need for a coat.

It's been a month of getting outside whenever we've had the opportunity. Meandering through the woods, hurriedly dashing around the block for a bit of fresh air between rain showers, tidying our patch of garden when the sun (fleetingly) appeared.

We've pulled out of one house purchase and now embarked on another. It feels right. Things are proceeding but I'm not getting excited just yet. Well, I'm trying not to get excited. I don't want to tempt fate, hence my not saying much on here about it. All in good time.

We've had the odd family birthday and a few trips out. I went to an exhibition opening on Thursday evening with my brother. Hebden Bridge was rather lovely at night: clear skies and not a lot of light pollution (it's in a steep valley) meant we could see the stars in all their twinkliness. 

There was more sparkle in the gallery, too. Prosecco and jewellery and the paintings: watercolours with gold thread stitched through them. I do love an evening reception.

Speaking of skies, we managed to catch the eclipse. And just as exciting (to me, at least) is the prospect of lighter evenings now the clocks have changed. 

I can't wait until the temperatures rise a little. Or the wind drops. Either would do. Much as I love winter, I'm hoping to fully emerge from hibernation very soon. 

This week Joe and I need to make an Easter bonnet. They're having a competition at nursery. I must try not to become a Competitive Parent but I do have some ideas and the paints and glue will be making an appearance over the next day or two. A perfect rainy day activity.

There's absolutely no chance he'll agree to wear a bonnet of any description. Even a haircut requires serious and lengthy negotiations.

Another trip to Yorkshire at the weekend, and lunch at a lovely vegetarian cafe. It's upstairs in a shop which sells all manner of organic, healthy foods and household products. This was timely as I've now made a major decision: to go gluten-free permanently.

I'm not coeliac (having been tested a few years ago) but I do have a sensitivity to gluten and it results in lots of health niggles. I also love bread and pastry and cakes and pizza. Which is why I've always given in to temptation. But not any more. And I have to say, instead of feeling my diet's now limited I'm enjoying finding alternatives and being more creative with my cooking and baking.

Note: banana bread works well with gluten-free flour. Carrot cake probably will too. The moistness of the ingredients seems to counteract the dry crumbliness of GF flour.

So, March has marked a few new starts. House-wise, health-wise and, of course, season-wise.

Finally, to round the month off, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. It's nice to sometimes go off at a tangent as the mood takes you, and to write about whatever happens to inspire at any given moment. I'm glad you enjoyed reading.

Have a great April!


  1. Good luck with your gluten free diet. It is much easier these days I think, so many recipes and ingredients and inspiration around. Good luck with the house move as well, I hope it all goes smoothly. I have a treasured photo of my eldest in an Easter bonnet with his best friend when he was about three. It makes me laugh every time I see it. They're so pretty! I do hope Joe at least tries it on for a moment. CJ xx

  2. Your March has been lovely to my eyes, I wish you an April just as great! : )

  3. Lovely round up of March.....good luck with the new venture, Not the easiest of proceedures I know, and well done on the gluten free diet, you'll have lots of fun finding new recipies! Let's hope April is warmer, and less breezy! :) xxx

  4. I love your pictorial round-up of March - such atmospheric photos. Wishing you and your family a happy Easter.

  5. Hello, I too have a gluten sensitivity and tend to avoid it as much as I can. I find if I exclude it most of the time then the odd croissant doesn't affect me too much. Gawd I'd miss croissants. I've come up with two good recipes of my own - a chocolate biscuit and an apple cake that I'd be happy to send you if you like. They seem to get good reviews. I hope the move works out well.

    I'm enjoying your photos enormously

  6. Beautiful set of photos with the feel of a quiet , healthy and happy life. Love the photo of the sheep, I took some photos of sheep on Sunday and have fallen in love with them, I feel a new project coming on..
    Wish you well with all your projects for April..
    Amanda xx

  7. Sorry to hear about the house, but sometimes it isn't meant to be because the right one is just around the corner. I hope that will be the case for you! xx

  8. yes, carrot cake works well with gf flour, as does adding ground almonds to your gf flour (I use a lot of Dove's farm). fingers crossed for positive progress on the house buying x

  9. lovely pictures, thanks for sharing. x

  10. Hey Sarah,
    I'll be interested to hear how the gluten free diet progresses. I need to make more changes to mine, but t mostly involves cutting out the sugar. I've still got a stone to lose, and need to be more strict with myself.
    Leanne xx

  11. I agree I think you do have to be more creative if you give up gluten. I haven't done it, I did give away all my pasta, but then ate loads of wheat in other things! X

  12. We've gone part gluten-free over the past few weeks and I've noticed a huge difference, but I don't think I can make that big step to give it up for good yet! Lovely pictures, hope the Easter bonnet turns out well :) x

  13. I'm another who is setting out along a gluten free/sugar free path ... my RA is playing havoc with my gut and it really needs some serious intervention on the dietary front ... I'll be interested to hear how you get on.

    Lovely post sarah, and that smiley face at the end had ne smiling right back.


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