Friday, 12 December 2014


It's not often I publish posts within a day or two of one another but I felt like it today so here we are.

Joe's in nursery this morning. I usually spend my precious, once-a-week child-free time very carefully indeed but usually in a state of panic; it's as though there's a huge hourglass on my shoulder, sand trickling away. I run about trying desperately to multi-task but end up spinning plates. Metaphorically, of course.

But I've been out for a few provisions and failed to find what I really wanted: a bundt tin. I want to make one of those lovely Germanic cakes which can be dusted with icing sugar and looks all festive. I've opted for Claudia Roden's flourless orange and almond cake instead. We've got a guest tomorrow and will be cooking something vaguely Middle Eastern so the cake will go well.

And the smell of oranges simmering away for hours is rather nice too.

I bought a panettone and some biscotti yesterday. The biscotti are already dwindling. Although it has to be said, blogging with a coffee and one of those to dip in is almost the same as sitting in a cafe. Sort of.

Last night I got the watercolours out and made a start on some Christmas cards. They're at the half-done point so I'll share some pictures soon. 

Speaking of pictures, the sun is out. Cue frenzied snapping session by the window: these little ornaments are some I made years go using old cards and some glass slides. They're not going on the tree because it's a small one with thin, whippy branches which wouldn't take the weight. We're using tiny coloured glass baubles this year (one hundred in every colour imaginable, procured from Paperchase).

It keeps trying to snow. It keeps managing to hail. But the wind's died down now and we are getting dazzlingly bright spells in between. I hope it stays OK for the weekend. I've missed getting out for a good walk.

Speaking of the weekend, I wish you a good one. Ours will be hectic. I'm looking forward to Sunday afternoon when all our obligations should have been dealt with.

See you next week - fingers crossed for some snow!


  1. The orange and almond cake sounds delicious. I've a yearning for a bundt tin too! I saw a picture and recipe for a cake on Pinterest which I wanted to try. They do look so pretty and festive. I hope you get your snow.

  2. I hope you have a lovely weekend too. The little ornaments are gorgeous, clever you. And I love how they were made out of old cards. CJ xx

  3. I hope that your dinner is wonderful and that you have a lovely time with your guests, too late now, but Lakeland sell bundt type tins, I have one and it is great. Your decorations are so beautiful, and you will find a lovely place to display them I am sure. I hope that your chill out day on Sunday is wonderful. xx

  4. I hope your weekend is good. Those decorations are very beautiful. I can't wait to see your cards. Xx

  5. hope you have a lovely weekend. I am very much looking forward to a quiet Sunday x

  6. When I needed a new bundt tin a couple of years back I had to order one online, unless you have access to a specialist cook shop they don't seem easy to find.

    Love the ornaments! Hope your weekend is going to plan x

  7. Hi Sarah, I think this time of the year can be hard on us different ways. I love biscotti too but I think it would magically disappear, rather than dwindle.

    Thank you for your kind words recently, I think my cold was dragging me down, but I'm feeling a little better today. Thank you...Nina Xx


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