Friday, 5 September 2014

Summer's end (part two)

So, as promised: more photos from the summer. More moments captured. The warm weather has allowed us to get out and explore lots of lovely things. Things which grow, things which creep and crawl, which fly and swim. And, of course, which chug along railway lines.

Joe really is developing a love for nature and that's something I'm very happy about. His curiosity means he's permanently grubby, and no puddle goes un-jumped in. But that's all allowed. I can't even begin to imagine how he'll react to snow. The thought of it makes me almost giddy with excitement though. The great thing about having children is having the opportunity to be silly, to re-live all those experiences you found so thrilling at their age. To recapture some of the magic and wonder of childhood whilst creating it for them.

You may be thinking that most of these photos seem to be lacking the usual bright hues of summer. To be honest, that's what struck me. But I do have a leaning towards the murkier and muted: the purples, greens and browns. And these colours reflect our local moorland landscape, even in high summer.

Whilst we're on the subject of photography, it's only fair to point out that several of the images here were taken by Jay. Played around with by me, but he provided some of my favourite pictures to begin with. I'm currently enamoured with a little editing action which focuses on a specific part of an image (see the one of the palomino pony, above, or all the images below). 

Sorry, I digress. 

Back to the summer (which did seem to return today: hot sun and blue skies). Tomorrow we're doing a very summery thing: going to an airfield to watch Jay have a flying lesson. It was a gift from his dad and they're both going up together. I declined the offer of a seat. 

I do love those planes though with the propellers on their noses (they remind me of Cold Comfort Farm). Joe will love looking at them all.

Sunday will have a more autumnal theme. It's the monthly farmer's market so we're heading over to pick up some seasonal produce - although I already have a monstrous-looking butternut squash sitting in the kitchen, challenging me to chop it up. They're always such an effort to deal with. But spiced soup with a swirl of creme fraiche will make it all worthwhile.

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I do love your photos! As you say, little snapshots of things that make us happy. I love butternut squash too, it's one of my favourite veg, but hard work to chop up, although I no longer peel it after I read that Jamie Oliver doesn't bother either! In fact, I think the skin seems to add to the deliciousness when cooked.

  2. Lovely photos Sarah. I never edit my own but I am tempted now. I noticed that the summer colours are slowly being replaced by more muted shades but I am not sure if I am ready yet..... Have you tried peeling your butternut squash with a potato peeler before cutting it? I find it easier to cut it once peeled, the knife doesn't slip off so easily. Have a lovey weekend, hopefully outdoors with your handsome wee man. Cx

  3. What beautiful photos, I really love the more muted colours. Lucky you having a butternut. I found a butternut label at the allotment the other day, I'd forgotten I'd even planted one. No sign of a plant, let alone an actual squash. Good luck to Jay with the flying lesson. Three propellor planes went over in formation today, they were wonderful. Have a good weekend Sarah. CJ xx

  4. Oh wow! A flying lesson! I'm with you. Safe on the ground. Those little planes are pretty but I would be terrified at the thought of flying in one. Enjoy your weekend lovely. Bee xx

  5. I think Red Admirals are my favourite butterfly!
    I am not able to email you directly Sarah as my computer won't let me. But my email is I am intrigued....
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Leanne xx

  6. It has been loving to see your summery pictures all here together. As you say, if puddles are exciting, snow is going to be totally amazing isn't it!!! xx

  7. Beautiful photos :). I hope this warmer weather lasts, it is raining here this morning............enjoy your weekend and your spicy soup :)

  8. Hopefully you got some more warm late summer weather this week. It was so hot when BigR was born and generally the weather is good over her birthday. I love the collages you've made...beautiful early Autumn x


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