Monday, 7 July 2014

Five finds...

...From the weekend. 

It's been a bit of a weekend of discoveries (if you read my last post you'll see the little library I spotted en route to the park). 

Well, on Sunday morning we headed out to Burrs Country Park on the edge of Bury. It's maybe four or five miles away from where we live and although I'd heard of it I'd never actually been. 

The park is sited on the remains of an old mill complex, built during the Industrial Revolution, and many features have been retained. The East Lancashire Railway also passes through it (much to Joe's delight). There was a Diesel Weekend going on and he's becoming quite the trainspotter locomotive enthusiast.

Although I always prefer to get right out into the wilds, Burrs was indeed a great discovery. There are lots of ponds and footpaths which were all easy to navigate with the buggy. And we had a really lovely time looking at the wild flowers, ducks and geese and insects. 

I noticed that just as the wild roses have finished the Himalayan Balsam is starting to flower. It's pretty rampant in these parts; a big stroppy non-native with pinky purply flowers. It's very invasive but one redeeming feature is that bees seem to love it.

So, as ever, I was on the lookout for little details (taking the camera has this effect) and I like to bring back a souvenir or two when we go outdoors. We picked up some big feathers dropped by the Canada geese - getting as close to the water's edge as we could without upsetting them as their young were close by.

The little feather with the blue sheen is from a mallard I think.

I also chanced on a little patch of raspberries so picked some and brought them home. Just enough for a small dessert after lunch.

On Saturdays we go to Ramsbottom for the market. There are several charity shops and a big antiques 'emporium' which is an Aladdin's cave of books, jewellery, pottery, paintings, music... I think the word 'stuff' just about covers it all.

I've been after a crystal vase for a while now but nowhere seemed to have one that was reasonably priced. These things appear to be making a bit of a comeback and I do like a crystal vase filled with spray carnations (another unfashionable flower which seems to be back in vogue). I did pick up a lace mat for Gertie's table which I liked though.

I'll nab a vase from my mum when I next see her. She used to collect bowls and vases and the like when I was little and taught me how to differentiate between crystal and cut glass. I remember one day she sighed and looked at her collection and said, Do you know what? I bloody hate crystal.'

So snaffling a bit of it shouldn't be too difficult.

Finally, a bit of glamour: parsnips. Out of season I know. But that's the fun of the market. Like Forrest Gump said, 'You never know what you're gonna get'. These were so pale and small and beautiful I just had to. No peeling; just a quick scrub and into a roasting tin.

Hidden libraries, country parks, feathers, wild raspberries, lace, root vegetables. An eclectic weekend.

Have a great week.


  1. treasures galore!

    ooh and the burrs! how lovely to read about my home town...having lived north of the border for the past 14 years, i'm now more than a little nostalgic..

    1. That's funny - our long-term plan is to escape to Scotland. Maybe we'll see you up there!
      Poor Bury has been redeveloped to within an inch of it's life but there are still plenty of hidden gems :)

  2. What a lovely always beautiful photographs. xx

  3. I am so enjoying your explorations of your new home area, and you seem to have found quite a gem of a market! Even without the ideal 'bloody crystal' vase... ;-) The flora, fauna and good images are delightful! Chrissie x

  4. Wonderful finds indeed. The country park sounds wonderful, and I'd love to look round the antique's emporium, I love hunting for treasures. I remember how excited mine used to be about trains when they were little. Glad you had such a lovely weekend. CJ xx

  5. Eclectic weekends are the best. Love your photos.

  6. Definitely an eclectic weekend, but it sounds like a good one! I have a mixture of glass and crystal vases and like them all in different ways! Hope that you can indeed snaffle one from your Mum and make use of it. xx

  7. Just read your last post and the hidden library is so wonderful! Your weekend was certainly eclectic. I can barely remember what mine was like :-) x

  8. Sounds like a brilliant weekend - loving the sound of the antiques emporium. Just the kind of place I would love to rummage in (and my husband would sigh at the random treasures I would want to bring home). Raspberries look delish too - a good find! x P.S Rather in awe of your busy weekends and blogging despite only moving house a few weeks back - I think I'd still be buried under a pile of boxes!

    1. Oh, we have a lot of cupboard space now which is perfect for shoving boxes into!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  10. Sounds wonderful Sarah! I think I could spend hours in that antiques emporium. And yum to those raspberries. Bee xx


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