Sunday, 29 June 2014

June in pictures

I know we're not quite at the end yet, but June's been a hectic month: packing, arranging, notifying, lifting and carrying, tidying...

But now we're here. This was our first Sunday where we felt life was getting to where we want it to be: peaceful, relaxed. We had a lie-in (well, until 8am. That is most definitely a lie-in when you have a toddler in the house), had bacon butties and took a leisurely walk along the old railway line. Joe had a meander and poked about with a stick, and was beyond excited to see the steam trains chugging past at regular intervals.

So my little look back at June is a day early because I'm taking part in a Blog Hop and will be posting my contribution on Tuesday - come and see!

Other than the all-consuming house move it's been a month of: roses... evening walks in the sunshine... elderflower cordial drinking... wild strawberry and gooseberry(!) picking... de-cluttering... family catch-ups... outdoor lunches (and dinners)... reading...

Meeting new people... watching Joe get giddy about having so much space... getting to know the neighbours (all friendly - phew)... shopping at the market... eating too many meals from the local chip shop...

And gradually settling in. 

I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks. Being closer to my mum means we get to spend more time together. There's a lot of blogging-related stuff in the pipeline too. Oh, and I've spotted a great big patch of wild raspberries which should be ripening soon. Wild raspberries taste like nothing else - I love them.

I hope you had a wonderful June.


  1. Beautiful pictures! �� some flowers i know, some i haven t yet seen in Germany yet!

    Take care

  2. June has been lovely ... you sound so settled and happy in your new home. Your photo collages are very pretty ... I especially love the gooseberry picture. Our gooseberry bush has fruit but they haven't ripened yet ... I can't wait ... I love them! Bee xx

  3. I'm really enjoying your photo mosaics especially the one with the letter box.

  4. adore the picture with the post box.

  5. It looks as though you have had a busy, but pretty month with all of those flowers! Your mosaics are lovely! xx

  6. Lovely June colours and beautiful photos as ever. Very jealous of the 8am lie in - did Joe sleep until then?! Please share your secrets! xx

    1. Hi Helen! Joe did sleep in but it was a total fluke (although he does usually sleep after 6.30am). We're also fortunate that he's happy to lie there chatting away and singing patiently to himself until we go and collect him...
      He's always been a good sleeper and I suspect that's more down to good luck than any skill on our part!
      S :)

  7. There is a lot of happy in this post! May your July be as wonderful as your June! Chrissie x

  8. It sounds like you have really settled in well :)

  9. Ok, my two are 5 and 7, and 8 am still counts as a lie in! At least now, when they are up, they don't need instant attention/feeding and can play in their room or downstairs for a little while. But that is an excellent start to a Sunday! Considering what a hectic month you've had, your June collages are so calming and restful to look at. I love all the different greens running through your photos. x


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