Sunday, 22 June 2014


We're here! We now have an internet connection, phone and everything.

The past five days or so have been a complete whirlwind, what with last minute panics and packing, moving everything, and trying to get our lives in some sort of order whilst carrying on with the usual daily must-dos.

We've also had several visitors to the new place, a couple of outings and some administrative necessities (bank, solicitor etc.) to deal with so it feels as though our feet have barely touched the ground.

The weather has been so hot and sunny we've eaten all our meals outdoors in our new back yard. In fact, after getting the kitchen organised, the outside was next on the list. We've filled it with potted plants, herbs and vegetables all now growing happily away in the warmth.

There's still so much to do. Boxes lie unopened in most rooms; clothes need sorting through and my new work space is in complete disarray. But the weather! We just can't stay indoors at the moment. 

Joe's dealt with the move extremely well and is loving having all this extra room to run around and explore - I'm finding it really useful actually; there's nothing quite like neatly filling an empty cupboard only to have it all emptied out again when your back's turned...

Hopefully things will gradually find their place and the dust will (literally) settle soon. I have lots of bloggy plans and intend to make a start this coming week.

In the meantime, a few of the things I will (and won't) miss about our old place:

Friends - you know who you are!
Jay's family being close by
Our local playgroups and the nice people I met at them

And then...
The horrible neighbours (both sets)
Limescale from the water
The ridiculously tiny house.

It's so exciting to be here. Fingers crossed we'll make lots of happy memories.

Right, back to those boxes (for such a small house, we certainly managed to accumulate an awful lot of stuff).


  1. I like it how you prioritise your kitchen and outdoor living space! I am glad your move went well, and that you are settling in well. Starting over in a new place is easier with a young child I find and I am sure you will soon get to know lots of people. Leaving good friends and family behind is not easy and I hope your new home is not too far away from your old home so you can see loved ones still. Have a lovely week. x

  2. Glad you're settling, we'll be round to see you in a week or so. T xx

  3. So glad your move went well and very best wishes in the new house.

  4. Glad the move went well - hope you're feeling settled and sorted soon. With all that Joe-help, you'll be unpacked in no time...! x

  5. Congratulations! I hope you're able to get settled in quickly. Best wishes in your new home.

  6. I hope that life in your new home is wonderful and happy and that you have many years of great times ahead of you - and that you can get it sorted and unpacked soon! xx

  7. Much luck and happiness to you in your new home. May the sunshine be with you always.

  8. Your new home looks lovely - hope you manage to get all your boxes unpacked soon - if you're anything like me you hate not having everything sorted and finding a place for everything.

  9. Congratulations Sarah ... glad you all got moved in safe and sound ... you sound really happy ... it was obviously a good move ... Bee xx

  10. Glad to hear your move went well, hope you all feel settled soon. Sorry to hear your have ghastly neighbours that is not easy to live with.

  11. Oh, I am so glad the move went well. It sounds like it all went rather smoothly overall (although I'm sure it didn't feel smooth when you were in the midst of it!) and I'm so impressed that you kept up with posting with such frequency. I think I'll have to take a month off if we move! From that little peek of your backyard I think it looks like such a charming house, and I'm so glad you called your post "home" - I'm hoping it feels like home already. x

  12. I'm glad the move went well, I do hope you'll be very happy in your lovely new home. I know what you mean about neighbours, we have some particularly difficult ones, it's not nice. CJ xx


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