Thursday, 16 January 2014

Little things... add some cheer to January. Like cinema leftovers (we went to see this film and both enjoyed it - definitely one of those which you know works better on the big screen). The tickets were expensive but it was a nice (grown up) evening.

Joe having fun on the swings. I always carry an old tea towel in the bottom of our bag in case we need to dry off the seats first. Be Prepared and all that...

A cute little book from the charity shop. One day I fancy keeping a few hens. I put crusts out in the garden for the two fat wood pigeons who roost in the tree at the end and Joe loves watching them. I suspect chickens would live in fear of his over-enthusiastic stroking technique (cats know to avoid him like the plague).

I've been asked to put together a bit of a display with dried flowers and seed heads for a living room window. I chose this jug over glass vases and china. Now I just need to find some stems to arrange in it...

I have a little pot of miniature daffodils growing away in the kitchen, brightening up a shady corner. Although to be honest most of the house feels a bit gloomy at the moment, what with the sun (when it appears) being so low in the sky and disappearing before long.

We booked a break in the Scottish borders too. We go at the end of March and have chosen somewhere within a reasonable driving distance of Edinburgh. So we can take Joe to the zoo.

I'm already thinking of things to take with us: Scrabble, candles, a radio, extra blankets... and lots of nice things to eat. We're excited!


  1. Lots of great photos of lovely happy things. I love your daffodils, you've tempted me to look out for some. How exciting to have a break away planned. It's great to have something to look forward to. Edinburgh Zoo is a great place to visit. We went a few years ago when our eldest was a baby. They fed the penguins and then let them out for a little walk on the pathways around their enclosures. A great way to get up close. Wishing you a lovely weekend, Bee xx

    1. Hi Bee! Thanks for stopping by. We haven't had a holiday in ages (and never with Joe) so thought we'd test the waters by heading up to the Borders.
      Apparently the penguin enclosure has had a makeover - I can't wait to see it (and to see Joe's reaction).
      Wishing you a lovely weekend too x

  2. Little things are so important, especially in the depths of winter. Love the sound of your winter break with the radio, blankets and candles - I'd be willing it to rain just so I could stay indoors! x

    1. I bet it does rain too! We'll take plenty of outdoor clothing... although the last time we went to Scotland (on a road trip, just the two of us) the weather was glorious.
      It'll just be nice to get away for a few days and see somewhere new. And to take loads of photos, of course!
      Have a great weekend x

  3. Life to me is all about the little things, these are great and precious. A trip into Scotland sounds glorious, a friend of mine used to live in the borders area and it's so beautiful xox

  4. Isn't it? We figured it wouldn't be too far for a little one in the car but it'll still be Scottish enough! We're so excited...


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