Saturday, 25 January 2014

Rain, shine and in between

I'd been hoping to take some nice indoor photos today, including a few of the marmalade I made (nine jars in total). Some of those jars are big. Even after giving some away, I need to look up some marmaladey recipes. Cake, buns, glazed ham... not too sure what else just yet. But it was worth the effort and the stickiness - it tastes wonderful.

Anyway... when we woke up the sun was shining so we headed out for a walk with Joe, to a nearby nature reserve-type place with a lake. You have to make the most of the sunshine at the moment.

It wasn't even that cold. We played on the swings and met some very friendly Canada geese. They're used to being fed lots of crusts by visitors so are happy to come up close. Joe was transfixed.

Then we had a little wander...

And someone discovered the joys of puddles.

Fortunately he was dressed for it. Almost.

Should have tucked those jeans in...

We got home shortly before the sky went very, very dark and the rain started. The wind was so strong it took our For Sale sign with it.

Things were really gloomy indoors and any photos would have been not so much moodily atmospheric as blurry and grainy. Very grainy. I could have set the tripod up and messed around with the exposure but... I didn't.

We may head out tomorrow for a few things but then again we may not. It's nice to have options. 

Hope you're enjoying the weekend, rain or shine (or both).


  1. Hi S, I just found your blog yesterday and I think it's lovely. Your photos are beautiful. I just made marmalade for the first time a couple of months ago and it was good. I'm glad yours turned out well. I hope your weather improves soon.

    1. Hello - nice to meet you!
      Looks like everyone's at it with the marmalade-making. I just found a recipe for marmalade cake so will be giving that a try during the next week or so.
      I'm glad you like the blog, and it's always good to hear from new people.
      More rain today so we're going to spend some vouchers we received at Christmas:)
      Have a lovely Sunday.

  2. Nine jars of marmalade ... that's impressive ... it must be lovely to have homemade marmalade in the cupboard ... so much nicer than shop bought ... I want to give it a go but I think I have missed the boat for this year ... I have been inspired by all the chatter about it in blogland recently ... hope you have a lovely day tomorrow ... Bee xx

    1. Hi Bee - thanks for visiting!
      The recipe said it would make five jars so I ended up scrabbling about for extra ones and sterilising them when I saw there was still half a panful of marmalade with nowhere to go!
      It was definitely a long process (with lots of washing up) but well worth it!
      I too felt compelled to have a go when I saw everyone else was doing it. Shame you don't live nearby, I could have delivered you a jar of mine.
      Have a great Sunday x

  3. I'm glad your marmalade turned out well. I've got oranges and sugar ready - hope to make it today!

    1. Ooh, good luck! I feel so virtuous in an Amish kind of way... nothing like stocking the cupboard with preserves you've made yourself.
      If it's as wild and wet near you as it is here I think you've chosen the perfect activity :)


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