Friday, 13 December 2013

New traditions

Cards all written (and since stamped, addressed and ready to post).

It's been a restful Friday - Joe was with his grandparents all morning so I had a daytime bath (the luxury!) and took it easy after the mad rush to get him up, fed, changed and ready to go.

I think it did me good after a stressful few days. You may have noticed that my previous post has been removed. I don't regret writing it and I appreciate the helpful comments, but you also need to know when to let things die down. Words have since been had. The situation isn't entirely resolved but... time to move on.

We're off to Hebden Bridge tomorrow for some relaxed Christmas shopping. And browsing. And lunching.

It's becoming a new family tradition for us. I hadn't thought about that much when I had Joe, but we're creating new traditions as well as upholding the old ones and it's fun.

Have a nice weekend whether you're staying at home or going out :)


  1. Hope you're felling better about things. Enjoy your trip to Hebden. Have a lovely weekend...
    N x

    1. You too! We're home now - it was cold and Joe complained the whole time after a very rare bad night. Teething. We still bought him a teddy bear for Christmas though x

  2. It's a lovely thing isn't it, with little ones, making new family traditions. Relaxed Christmas shopping and lunching sounds lovely too - enjoy!
    I only got to briefly read your last post and didn't get a chance to comment. Sounds like you were much in need of that quiet, easy morning though.
    We've got a festive weekend planned - getting a tree, delivering cards and then carols in the park. xx

    1. That all sounds lovely! I used to love going to choose a tree and there were mince pies and cups of tea on offer too. Hope you enjoy the carols and the weather holds for you (although snow would be perfect) x

  3. Cards ... dang ... I knew I was forgetting something!

    Hope you have a lovely trip to Hebden Bridge today x

  4. Hi - we did! Kind of... if you take the complaining toddler out of the equation (teething + cold = misery) x


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