Friday, 6 December 2013

Festive details

I tend not to go too crazy with the Christmas decorations. I like a bit of vintage, a bit of the outdoors and a few things from Christmases past. Of course, this may all change once Joe gets bigger. 

Back in the summer I bought some old National Geographic maps (dating back to 1949) from a charity shop for a mere 99 pence each. Bargain!

I've been meaning to do something with them but couldn't bear the thought of cutting them up for craft projects. So this one came out of hiding. Festive. Kind of.

Greenland's on there anyway. So Joe will know where Father Christmas lives.

It looks quite nice under the stairs with my greenery. That's getting a bit crispy actually. I'll replace it this weekend.

I also have a few of these garlands with felt snowflakes. I like the neutral colours. They usually go on the mantelpiece but this year are hanging down from the ceiling.

Truth be told, we have fairy lights on the go all year round in the kitchen. But I brought some into the living room. They cast a nice cosy glow (along with candles).

Other things we've been up to:

Eating comfort food (beetroot risotto; roast root veg with sausages; chicken noodle soup)
Watching Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year
And the Channel 4 fly-on-the-wall at Liberty (just me, that one)
Going to bed early
Hiding from the ferocious weather.

Plans for the weekend include baking birthday cakes, travelling to the Midlands for a hearty pub meal with Jay's extended family and attending a party tomorrow afternoon. Tonight I'm writing my Christmas cards out. Easier to give them to people as and when than post them all. And what with the cost of stamps these days etc. etc.

Hope you enjoy your weekend. Keep warm :)


  1. I love your map and it's very important to know where Father Christmas lives, so that Joe can write him a letter in a few years!

    1. Hopefully a short letter! I suspect it will include lots of things he's seen on TV...

  2. What a charity shop score on the old maps! They look lovely - I can see why you couldn't bear to chop them up! I'm nicking your roast root veg and sausages as a dinner idea for next week as it sounds just what's needed on cold evenings.
    The Liberty docu was good I thought - loved seeing the old pics of the shop. And the lady that had worked there for 40 years - wow!
    Sounds like a good weekend - you're coming to my neck of the woods, ish! Enjoy! x

    1. Hello! We're heading for the outskirts of Wolverhampton to a cosy pub by a canal. I say 'cosy' but last time we went the real fire as spewing out smoke and we all sat there spluttering with our eyes streaming...
      I was impressed with the 40 years' service too but even more so that she talked someone into spending £400 on three cushions. You could buy a sewing machine and some very lovely fabric for that!

  3. Oh lucky you finding those maps, great that you can get them out and enjoy looking ate top of the world now. I live your gentle and stylish approach to Christmas decorating, beautiful xox Penny

    1. Thank you! I think the map will be a permanent fixture - I love them, especially old ones like this. One day I'd like a wall clad in reclaimed timber and then the maps would look really great!

  4. Love your photos and your festive details. That map is really fabulous. x

    1. We have several! I'm a bit of a mapaholic. There, I've coined a new term :)

  5. Hey Sarah, thanks for checking out my blog and just having a browse through yours too. It's gorgeous. Those maps are an amazing find and we have fairy lights up all year round. I'd happily have them in every room of the house all year long as I love them so! Take care, Amy x

    1. Hello! Thanks for visiting me too!
      We went back to the charity shop on Saturday but sadly there were no more maps to be had...
      our fairy lights are up year-round in the kitchen and the living room ones are staying put too. Next stop: the baby's room!
      Nice to hear from you x


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