Thursday, 21 November 2013

Looking In

We've been out walking a lot (as usual) recently, but with the cold and rain and hail and the problem with the neighbours, sometimes it's just better to focus on what's inside. I've been enjoying keeping snug and planning Christmas (well, thinking about how soon I can justify eating a lot of cheese and pate).

So: woolly blankets and brushed cotton bedding.

And two new additions to my ever-growing notebook collection. I bought these at YSP last week, at the Angie Lewin exhibition. More importantly: I've actually written in one of them!!! Only in pencil, but that's because I like writing in pencil. Rubbing notes out of a notebook would be a step too far, even for me.

Unless I'd written bad things about people. Which I haven't.

Porridge for breakfast. With a pinch of salt and plenty of brown sugar. I know it's traditional to eat it made with water but I just can't. Milk it is. 

I enjoy the limited sunshine which comes in the front of the house in the mornings. By midday our living room's pretty gloomy once more. We're going through a lot of candles because all the bulbs in the lamps seem to have that harsh white light. I need to do some research. Bright lighting's one of my pet hates. Especially in changing rooms!

The only problem with making our bed so warm and inviting is that getting out of it on a cold morning takes a lot of effort. Fortunately we have a fourteen month-old, toddler-shaped alarm clock...


  1. Ha! The line about writing bad things about people made me laugh! Writing in a new notebook is so good (especially a beautiful Angie Lewin one). Love the look of that brushed cotton bedding. It looks so cosy - I too know the joys of the toddler-shaped alarm clock though (5.15am today, UGH!) x

  2. Oh, poor you! We're usually fine until 7ish but he's now full of a cold and has his back teeth coming though so who knows?

    I did actually used to keep a diary and wrote about people. Not obsessively (I'm sounding a bit like the Judy Dench character in Notes From a Scandal at this point...) but I suppose when you're working full time with eccentric academics and going through the online dating thing... anyway. Seems like a lifetime ago!

    The bedding is yet another Sainsburys purchase. I'm not really a fan of supermarket shopping but it's a necessary evil when time's an issue and we had Nectar points to use up so spent them on that. Brushed cotton is really lovely when the nights are cold x

  3. Loving the notebooks. Maybe I should blog about my obsessive stationery love. A miserable day can easily be cheered up or a happy day made even better with a freshly sharpened pencil, a beautiful ink or a nice fresh notebook.
    We are decorating our bedroom so I'm on the look out for some new bedding. My big alarm clock seems to be staying in bed a bit longer (gro clock didn't work but light on a timer does....result) only to be now taken over by the small one waking anywhere betwen 430 and 530...I'm hoping it's a phase. Heavy sigh and early night!!

  4. Ooh, that's a very early start! Especially at this time of year when it's dark and gloomy.
    Bedroom decorating sounds like fun - or at least, the bit where you get to rearrange things and 'style' it. Sanding and painting, not so much. We managed to blitz the whole house (its very small) just before Joe arrived but I suspect it will need a bit of freshening up come New Year... and I'm with you on stationery. I love it. In fact my sideboard is groaning under the weight of art supplies and pens, pencils and notebooks. Far better than buying shoes!


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