Friday, 6 September 2013

Early autumn at the allotment (part 1)

Our recent run of bad luck has continued over the past week: Jay's laptop has been out of commission so there's been very little by way of internet activity. My car needed an unexpected repair whilst it was in for a service. Some money (in an envelope) found its' way into the recycling bin and the recycling was taken away before anyone realised. And Noisy Dog continues to torment the neighbourhood.

So a trip to Jay's Auntie Cath's house (and allotment) provided a welcome escape. She lives in Childwall, not far from Sefton Park, in a lovely 1930s house. It has all those little Arts and Crafts-style details: wooden panelling, simple fireplaces and there's the most beautiful writing desk I've ever seen (her response: 'Get your name on it so when I pop my clogs it's all yours').

At the bottom of the garden there's a gate and on the other side is a huge area of land given over to allotments.

They're immaculately kept, with only the odd one being left unattended (Cath has her eye on a full-size plot next door but one to her half-size one).

Joe's not quite himself at the moment as he's full of a cold, but he loved discovering lots of new things in the great outdoors: giant sunflowers, apples and pears, beetroot and potatoes, beans, strawberries, a duckpond... 

Despite it being quite late in the season it was still colourful. Dahlias and gladioli everywhere. Not to mention the purple shed:

We had a lovely time. And a lovely lunch. I generally only eat Stilton and pate at Christmas but I didn't mind starting early this year.

So... we have a new computer. Coupled with the car repair, it's been an expensive few days. And we're now embarking on a Make Do and Mend autumn. I'm quite looking forward to it.

I'll share more photos with you in my next post. Apologies if some of the pictures are a little bit under-lit (it was a cloudy day with a few sunny spells) but I'll be installing Photoshop on the new PC soon. Hope you're enjoying the fruits of the new season!

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