Monday, 10 June 2013

Creativity and cupboard-clearing

There have been lots of birthdays recently: family, friends, babies...

Jay's brother had a birthday last week and he and his wife have been busily planting their garden up (having bought their first home together last year). So we took him a grape vine  - they're wine connoisseurs - and a fig tree.

There are two more first birthday parties this weekend so I've been drawing again.

I still have a boy's version to do. Having complained in this post about a lack of creative space, I emptied out a cupboard in the kitchen and had a bit of a tidy-out. The salad spinner, cake tins (where did they all come from?) and popcorn maker (Jay's favourite gadget) are now neatly rehoused. And there's a space - now filled - for art things. My pencils, charcoals, coloured pens, paints and brushes, sketchbooks and printer now live near the little kitchen table.

My ceramics course starts again tomorrow. The tutor said we can pretty much do what we like, so I'm planning on continuing with the nature theme I chose last time around. And I get to see the things I made too, all fired and glazed. I'm quite excited but slightly anxious they'll be a bit rubbish. This time tomorrow I'll be coming home with a few bits of pottery wrapped in brown paper and whatever I think, Jay will say they're great. And sincerely mean it.

That helps.

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