Wednesday, 15 May 2013


So this whole blogging thing really is an evolving process. You start out with one idea then things change a bit and you find a better fit. Sometimes you think new things up and give them a try. 

In the past I've talked about simple essentials - things which make life better. Things like my camera, my trusty wellies, keeping notebooks...

And lately the idea has developed in my mind. There are lots of little things which brighten my day. Most of them cost nothing. Sometimes I don't notice them at all because the cogs are whirring away, processing all those busy thoughts: shopping lists, paying bills, things to do. 

So I've decided to stop and notice the details; to post regularly on those little things which lift the spirits. And one of those is the view from the bedroom window.

It's actually pretty uninspiring - the Cheshire plains are, of course, flat. We live in an area surrounded by other houses so there are no sweeping vistas. But sometimes when Joe naps I recline on the bed and blog, or read, or knit (when I can tear myself away from the chores). And now the evenings are lighter I like to go to bed and keep the curtains open for a little while.

Because when you lie on the bed, all you can see from the window is sky and treetops. There are a pair of woodpigeons who live nearby and I often find myself looking at them while they gaze back at me. The trees have blossom at this time of year. Some are covered in ivy.

And of course, looking at the sky is always lovely - even on a day like today when the rain's coming down and the wind's howling. It is mid-May after all... But at least when you look out on it and see the clouds flying and the trees waving their branches you can be happy that you're warm and dry indoors. And if that isn't an uplifting thing, I don't know what is.

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  1. Beautiful blossom against the blue sky. Wonderful!


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