Sunday, 19 May 2013

Birthday in Yorkshire

On Saturday (after opening my cards and presents in bed, much to Joe's delight) we went over to West Yorkshire to one of my very favourite places: Hebden Bridge. The drive across the moors was very... atmospheric.

Wuthering, even. And the water from the reservoir came right up to the road. It looked a bit choppy.

We were dressed for the drizzle though. And even in the murky weather Hebden's still lovely.

It's a very arty place - lots of independent shops and community things going on. I liked the new wall art depicting the South Pennines - and my hometown.

We went to Mooch - one of the quirky cafes. And seeing as it was my birthday I had scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and a bagel...

And a big cup of Earl Grey.

I love going in there. You can sit and watch people going past the windows.

And that shop opposite is where I spent my birthday money. Talk about in one hand and straight out of the other.

We wandered around the shops, browsed here and there and checked out the windows at the estate agents. I've always fancied moving to Hebden - or one of the villages nearby. Lots of hills and moors and fresh air. We'll ignore the fact that there are also lots of floods...

When you live in the North West, precipitation is just a fact of life.

Just ask him.

Anyway, later on we headed home back across the moors to recharge for an evening meal out (just Jay and me this time). It was a lovely birthday: time spent with my two boys, my first card from Joe...

 And quite possibly the most optimistic ice cream vendor ever.


  1. When we lived in East Lancs we went to Hebden Bridge all the time, it's so cute, great for a poke about and good veggie food. But then we discovered Shrewsbury and we haven't been to Yorkshire since!

    (was pointed in your direction today, off to have a poke around now).

  2. Hello! It's always nice to meet new people. Hope you like the blog... it's a bit of everything really, no formula to it.

    I haven't been to Shrewsbury for many years so thanks for the heads up. We managed Bridgnorth (think that's how you spell it) last year and it was very nice - especially in the snow. A return visit to that part of the world in the summer I think!

  3. Your beautiful photos tell the story of a lovely day.

    1. Thank you! The entire weekend was good, although I ate way too much... not ice cream though!


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