Saturday, 25 May 2013

1940s weekend

A hot, sunny day meant a jaunt to Ramsbottom where things were very '40s: vintage clothes...

And shoes...

And houses...

Then a walk through the woods.

Where we found some unexpected allotments in a little clearing.

There were bluebells in abundance...

Steep, craggy drops...

And ferns unfurling.

Wild garlic is everywhere in these parts.

In Irwell Vale, preparations had been made for a Forties tea dance later in the afternoon.

We stopped for a snack and were surrounded by women in fur stoles and red lipstick, and little pillbox hats. They looked quite formidable actually. Like members of some committee or other.

Meanwhile, the chickens on the village green were taking a dust bath.

We met some friendly ponies - sadly, I didn't have any mints about my person. So they soon lost interest and went back to dozing in the sun.

I think the whole thing really gets going tomorrow - steam trains, a wartime-themed wedding, the usual unintentionally funny battle re-enactment. We just took a long walk instead and spotted a few details here and there. I'm not really a crowds type of person.

Tomorrow: a day of pottering. Perfect.


  1. Hello there, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

    That forties weekend sounds brilliant! There was something like that in Haworth last weekend I think. Great photos of the bunting strung across the terraced streets. x

  2. Thanks. It was actually Jay who suggested taking that particular photo, so I'd better give him some credit ;)

    Yes, they do wartime weekend in Haworth too - I inadvertently came across it a few years ago and ended up stuck behind a vintage double decker bus (driving up a very steep hill very slowly!)

  3. You're making me think I should investigate our 1940's weekend (Lytham) when it comes around this year. Love your photos.

    1. Hello! I love Lytham, haven't been for ages...

      I got some better 1940s pictures a few years ago but have no idea where I've stored them, whoops!

      If you like treasure-hunting in charity shops the Wartime Weekends are good as they seem to wheel all their vintage items out from storage and there are some good finds to be had, so worth a visit :)


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